Joell Ortiz – Clique Freestyle

Joell Ortiz goes in Big Sean, Jay-Z and Kanye's Clique beat.

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  • I dont think this is a freestyle. It does sound good doe.

  • is joell ortiz a golfer or something? This is song # 2 with some kinda golf reference...remember? "mud putters"!! anywho...he goes in on this one. I like.

  • that's not the real Clique it kinda ruins it for me &, admittedly I had hoped it would be, life goes on

  • Jay D

    qtslim3000 .... Bruh, are you STILL questioning whether rappers actually freestyle or not just cause it's labelled "freestyle". It's 2012. We KNOW it's all written, that's the way the game works and if it was an actual freestyle we'd know it.