Saturday Night Sexy: Kaylin Garcia

blame it on Illy September 29, 2012

Twitter: @Garica_Kaylin

Before you break into a “Fuck Joe Budden” rant, let’s just take a minute to appreciate this guy’s taste in women. From Tahiry, to Somaya Reece, to Esther Baxter, and now, his newly acquired missus, Kaylin Garcia. We saw her (with Budden) in Emanny’s bedroom ballad music video for “I Messed Up” earlier this week and we pretty much figured the Dopehouse wouldn’t mind more of her for SNS.

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  • wat

    She’s super sexy but I hate her damn mohawk.

  • Jimmy Tulips

    This bitch look like big bird with that cut.

  • Mandingo

    ^^Man, there’s some disappointed fathers out there.

  • Drew

    Could be worse I suppose…

  • DBS

    She looks like she’d run off with Nas’ money.

  • Stay Frosty

    So Somaya and Esther were the only ones with jobs prior to Joe. I have no problem with that, just don’t wanna see her or hear about her being in some reality show when they break up.

    And I’ll be damned if I listen to a Joe Budden release while he’s happy. Fuck that, break up and be heartbroken Joe. Your pain is our musical pleasure.

  • Captain America

    Why would someone burst into a “fuck Joe Budden” rant? He’s OBVIOUSLY that dude. “Gotta give props when they’re due, cuz you ain’t gonna like that karma when it’s set upon you.” – Bada$$

  • spencer

    FUck Joe Budden cuHz

  • grq

    what taste in women? he dates video hoes with pretty faces. you act like these women are doctors or of high social stature. every rapper can have these types of chicks. the only difference is budden keeps them as a trophy to compensate for for his commercial failure and lack of prominence. not

  • who cares

    Am I the only one that doesn’t find her all that attractive? I mean she has nice thighs, but I think Budden’s had better.

  • Wingspan

    The bitch is like 22 years old.

  • eag

    shes a godess thts godlee

  • NYdreams

    joe did have some bad bitches… i cant even lie or hate… this chick bad as shit and plus she like girls so thats a plus for him

  • Lakeview

    Joe budden is a fuckin legend for the chicks that he pull, and this one goes both ways so…yeah lol

  • smarty mcsly


  • Lava

    This is one of the ugliest bitches so far. The only good thing is there’s hardly a proper shot so at least we’ve been spared her full frontal ugliness.

    And the fuck is with that hair, this isn’t Mad Max. Bitch out here looking like Mr T. Shit ain’t right man shit ain’t right

  • NICE

    This Chick is bad! i swear you niggas are a bunch of faggots! but im not surprised, yall the same niggas who be on Frank Ocean dick

  • Task force

    Bitch look like a black yeawolf inn a Mohawk wig.this nigga joe is a loser.he really thinks he’s cool for wifing up video hoes and aspiring video/black magazine dude above said any rapper could have Anny of these bitches but they fuck and go not wife up and then fuck like this loser.I lost respect for this nigga once he got owned by lil b.he’s lucky he’s in slaughterhouse because as a solo artist this nigga Neva got radio play since that whackass pump it up song.fuck you burden fuck you bitchass bitchfuck.and fuck Marty mcfly bitchass go get some pussy you fucking nerd

  • kim

    The women who they post on this website be so beautiful yet you niggas be calling them ugly or trying to find a flaw in them, that shit is so gay smh but let it be a KENDRICK LAMAR post, yall wouldn’t have a bad thing to say smh

    Yall need to change this website name from 2DOPEBOYZ to

  • e

    joe buddens’s problem is that he tries to turn hoes into housewives

    never works, coco will leave ice-t eventually, enjoy the ride tho homie

  • Mandingo

    @Kim damn I couldn’t have said it any better. But I’ll say this again, there’s alot of disappointed and ashamed fathers out there. Faggots probably not even welcome at their parents’ houses.

  • peaceofpi

    Do black people really find this attractive? Sorry, that Spartan helmet isn’t doing it for me.

  • e66

    @peaceofpi i think her hair is nice. sorry she doesnt have straight aryan dog hair . maybe this place isnt a good fit for you.

  • Based

    I’ll put my dick and that vagina tho, That hair is super wack tho.

  • Grandpa Mo Bitchez

    Joe Budden has had way badder bitches than this ho she good for one good smash then throw that bitch on the curb with that ridicilous 80s mohawk

  • Johnie

    so yall just gon stalk her Instagram and post hella pics? haha

  • sirj

    niggas be bitches hoes be bitches i dont see no fukin difference….. she aint that cute but hell thats that nigga not me,hate nall never that……………love JBzz music dont care enough bout his personal…..jbtv is classic thougu

  • SforMusic

    Yo 2Dopeboyz, i think you should stop ” Saturday Night Sexy ” for the following reasons ;
    – Niggas here always find flaws in these chicks for noo reason but to troll lool
    – Niggas here are very suspect, very suspect lool
    – Apparently people on a music blog (hiphop) are looking for doctors , nurses, teachers and normal women loool -_-

  • Troof

    Joe Budden = Captain Saveahoe

  • Rex

    she needs to break average joe’s fragile heart so he can get back to making mood muzik. true story

  • ME

    Not only is Kaylin a dope person but she’s making my favorite rapper so happy. I’ve never seen Joe smile so much and be as positive as he’s been in the past few months. It’s inspiring to see a love like theirs.

  • yaboypaul

    yall some faggets if you try to tell me this aint a bad bitch

  • yoda

    You faggot b hatin. Hw many of u has a chick as hot as she

  • niggas needs to get a life

    Y’all niggas calling dudes faggets cuz they don’t think this bitch looks good are the real faggets everyone has different preferences you fuckin idiots this bitch is cool but she ain’t fire

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    She’s bangin’. What ever happened to Scumbag Scott? That dude was was AF.

  • Ramelo

    I don’t think anybody is saying Fuck Joe Budden…but any nigga with common sense will tell u what a cornball the nigga is! 1st off…real niggas don’t want,need or seek attention, 2nd this dude puts all of his relationship business with each 1 of these chics out to the public. And yeah he’s baggin some good lookin chics, but he sure can’t keep any of them! And honestly, looks are cool, but overrated. No relationship lasts based off of vanity! So yeah…Budden lost!

  • idiot niggas thee days

    the nigga above said “lool”

    what the fuck is that you fucking middle school drop out?

  • Flip

    Budden wifes hoes but he still dont do it like wiz…..I neva liked him cuz The game ether him

  • Canned Applause

    You know how i know most of the haters in here are gay? Cos first thing ya see is a woman’s hair. Come on now ya Beauty School drop outs 2dopeboyz dont put these pictures up cos these women have doctoral degrees there’s a reason

  • NYCityKid

    @CannedApplause I scrolled down after reading a few comments to say the same thing. I swear I didn’t notice her hair. Did any of you notice this chick in the bathtub! in the pool! And where’s all the hate on Buddens from, u think this nigga is thinking about what some random fuck boy is saying about him on internet.. WHILE HE’S HITTIN THAT.. you guys are hilarious… I guess this is cheaper than therapy.. fucking dickheads.. BADA$$

  • Shorty is hot shit…regardless of what her occupation is. *My opinion* Joe does try to wife the video vixen type and he must know that this is a set up for failure but I can’t blame him for wanting to own a nice trophy piece. Maybe you oughtta try dating the choreographer chicks Joe cause a lot of them are bad and at least they aren’t one fit in or out of the strip club.

  • TheLAStPhyscoStanding

    damn, budden got the good ass shots on lock. OR 2dopeboyz is tryna be real real nice………….. she a hoe ok,ok joe,ok 2dopeboyz?

  • shut up


  • Why The Fuck Are You Homo’s Complaining About Her Hair!? Who The Fuck Are Y’all? Fags That Work At Hair Salons Or Some Shit? Like Wtf.. & Her Hair Isn’t Even Bad. Its Better Than Your Basic Mama’s Weave. Every Week I Come To This Comment Section To Realize How Gay 90% Of Males Are & Y’all Never Fail To Disappoint. I Bet Y’all Beat Off Daily & Get No Pussy.

  • The bitch is like 22 years old.
    Wingspan said this on September 29th, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    young ratchet doe.

  • krow132

    none of yall even heard of the chick till Joe Budden started flaunting her, how the yell yall know shes a “video hoe” yall niggas need to get a life fam.

    and I actually like her hair, nothing like a fly chick who stands out but then again I’ve actually fucked with woman with unorthodox styles so eh

  • THat’s What She Said

    She’s pretty, but that hairs gotta go. Lookin like a fuckin Spartan helmet from Troy. Smh.

  • germany

    nothing special

  • Cubano

    She def the prettiest Joe had…all these other bitches wore mad makeup and looked like shit without it lol Tahiry’s ass tho still >>>

  • Jkata

    shes not 22 shes 20 and pretty much graduated from high last year