Random Acts Of F*ckery: Thug Friends Edition

blame it on Meka September 30, 2012

Usually, I don’t designate music videos as RAoF entries, but the absurdity of this one – plus the fact that it’s not to be taken serious at all – warrants this. I’m in tears.

  • Big-O

    Between this & the Niners molly whopping the Jets, I’m having a great day. This shit is literally about titty milk?

    What the actual fuck? lmfao!

  • Dr.Dave


  • Don Kennedy

    Heard lil b is on the remix. And that dude resembles Vado.

  • PR Dean


  • Ermac

    This shit is more stupid than funny… they trying to hard

  • DAWC

    This is STL for you. Lmao. Seriously they’re cool tho.

  • derrtyd

    1st time i seen St.Louis on a music site since Nelly fell off.i grew up with one of the dudes in the video. STL all day/ Jennings.

  • “I only drink the FINEST cambodian breast milk.” – Sean “Diddy” Combs

  • Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah


  • Stay Frosty

    T remember they did a song called Titties and Carrot Cake like a year ago. I really thought they fell off or just went back to school lol.

  • Flip

    This shit got me in tears right now, 1:10 Brian pumper with the leaf blower LMAO