Jay-Z Adresses Those “Ownership” Criticisms In The Best Way He Can…

blame it on Meka October 1, 2012

During his third stay at the Barclays last night, Shawn uses his “99 Problems” to address those who feel his stake in the Nets really isn’t as cracked up as it is to be.

For those also interested, you can check out a time-lapse clip of the making of the Brooklyn stadium down bottom, courtesy of BKBS.

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  • that includes you 2DOPEHOUSE

    • > that includes you 2DOPEHOUSE

      one, i’ve never said anything about his ownership. and two, less than 1% of an NBA team is still way more than what all of us own of an NBA team. and yes, franchise mode in NBA 2K13 doesn’t count.

  • koke

    He owns what less than 1% of the Nets?

  • 620 Atlantic Avenue

    “For those also interested, you can check out a time-lapse clip of the making of the Brooklyn stadium down bottom….”

    …to the dismay of the local citizens. Nets will continue to suck and ya’ll will continually jock Jay-Z even though his ownership grasp is minimal because rap fans are worse than teenage girls. Jocking Jay-Z does not make your life better and does not make you more rich. It makes you pathetic.


  • T.O.

    ^& not jocking him makes you cool, antipathetic, rich, and your life better? Uh hater?

  • 40oz. Prophet

    his stake in the team isnt even a half a million, shit, BKLYN taxpayers own more of the team.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Fucking ignorant.. how people gonna go out and become successfull millionaires and shit like you, fucking rapping? SMH. man that aint just happening.. he already has his so he doesnt believe it but we really need to is change the world we live in under this capitalist bullshit so the youth and people can actually have better lives

  • NYdreams

    @620 Atlantic Avenue …. how will the nets continue to suck ???
    they have a top 3 pg on their team along with a healthy brook lopez who has a decent post game and joe johnson on the team as well … they definitely wont suck..


    Jay-Z’s stake in the Nets is only 1%? Either that’s not true or jigga gettin pimped…so much for ownership

  • “really isn’t as cracked up as it is to be”


  • RonRon

    His percentage of ownership is minimal but he’s spearheaded all the moves they have made as an organization to this point. From getting the russian involved, moving the team, the jerseys and floor of the court, Jay-z played a major part in all of it.

  • FatBoySlim

    Jay-Z’s net worth $450-475million. Really wanna worry about how little his percentage of ownership is as if he couldn’t invest more if he wanted to?

  • JP Morgan

    He’s almost worth as much as the entire organization on his own. Nets net worth went up 60% on the move to Brooklyn alone which is why they did it. They’re worth $575million now.

  • JP Morgan

    “What’s the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6? Like 30-40,000 cocksucker beat it!”-Hov

  • smitty

    Just for informative purposes, Jay-Z owns one-fifteenth of one percent or .067% of the Nets.

  • Who is he? Kanye West? I thought Jay was above caring about what other ppl think. You’re hitting Beyonce every night, why do you care what we think??

  • FUckYOuThatsWho

    dont fuck with hovi hov