Kendrick Lamar – Compton f. Dr. Dre (prod. Just Blaze)

blame it on Illy October 1, 2012

Pre-orders for Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d city are available now. October 22nd is the release date. What up, Ali?

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  • @sirjhoss

    oh shit

  • nito

    is that BJ singing?

  • will

    whoa… god damn

  • Kendrick…EAT!!!

  • Blueberries_Homie

    Every Kendrick Lamar song feat Dr. Dre should just be Kendrick Lamar ft. Kendrick Lamar. Dr. Dre is still dope tho

  • $$$

    I’d laugh if that was Soul singing, but who knows.

  • bigErn

    OH FUCK I gotta get a new AC system this shit so hot it BROKE WOOOP!!

  • FatBoySlim

    Just pre-ordered the deluxe on my gf’s credit card. Support real rap guys if it doesn’t sell then the industry will just weed it out and force more officer Rickys down our throats.

  • L

    Lol ts funny how much Dre sounds like Kendrick…this song is dtill dope either way

  • Tee_Cain


  • dolo

    every song thus far has been incredible.this song right here i’de skip over.maybe after a few spins i’ll feel dif,who knows

  • hip hop fan

    Dope AF! Even though Detox is never coming out, this is what it should of sounded like. Can’t wait for GKMC to drop. This got me hype!

  • Complacent

    shits average and what ever happen to detox shits average at best why people treat this nigga like hes so amazing beats me Asap Rocky to real album to look out for this month

  • Just Blaze done did it again…this is fire (pun unfortunately intended)

  • jariz

    This goes.

  • If you listen to tracks featuring Dr. Dre alotta times he’ll mirror the artist on the track. He’s done it on a few Eminem tracks

  • FatBoySlim

    This doesn’t feel like a good follow up to the previous singles. After “The Recipe” this kinda seems a little redundant. Two songs aimed strictly at the west coast/compton. With singles you’re looking for broader appealing songs right? But hey there are a lot of people out there but no one else can relate.

  • YEEESSSSS West Coast TDE!!

  • FatBoySlim

    Dre mirrors the artists because they write his verses. I thought everyone knew that. It’s blatantly obvious.

  • C.O.D.

    Kendrick wrecking EVERYTHING right now! Props to Just Blaze on that crazy beat!

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Uhhh. this is wack lol. hopefully the album is more “Cartoons & Cereal” and much less… whatever this thing is

  • LAsVeryOwn

    West WEST yall. Fuck the haters, we brush them busters out

  • The enemy

    The fuck? Let him be as west coast as he wants!
    Nothing wrong with repping where youre from.

  • dreybeet

    i swear i think ever since k dot gained some fame some of yall took that sellout shit & ran with it & now you claim alot of his shit is wack..cus you know if this was pre-section.80 or even back in ’10 there would be minimal comments callin the the song wack..this shit hard fuck what you say

  • Cubano

    Hahahah he surprised everyone with this track…Everyone expected the lady gaga or drake track to be the next single….this is dope. I can’t lie tho that Drake track sounds dope based on the shnippet

  • Eat A Dick

    @FatBoySlim Not that there’s anything wrong with the song, but I have to agree. There’s already a little West Coast vs Everybody else starting in the c section. Bad choice for a single. What about the rest of the world Kenrick?

  • wood

    cosign @Talented ..shit the first version of crack a bottle I heard did not have 50 and it was Em rapping the part that dre was spitting in the final cut

  • Well what do you expect with a album called “Good kid, mad city”? the mad city being Compton there has to be more than one song dedicated to the city. Yeah I agree they both shouldn’t have been singles, but I’m sure the actual album will have stuff for the rest of the nation. It’s extremely hard to get love out west, so I completely understand why he’s dropping these tracks. He’s trying to get home fans.

  • Drdave

    whats up with shakes “what up, Ali’? just sayin Ali’s album aint gonna be his favorite of year anymore?

  • Sam

    isnt interesting enough to me
    cant hear what kendrick is saying and im not going to listen again because the production is too boring
    some ppl including me r tired of this kind of conservatism

  • dope

    ali is a producer that sometimes mixes kendrick’s tracks/

  • dctree

    are yall really mad at the nigga for talkin bout the city he from? Like rappers dont do that…smh yall nit pick wayyyyyyy to much.

  • duhhhhh

    i dont think this is a single guys…perhaps just a leak

  • Frank Kennedy

    kendrick the brother… but this song is underwhelming. verses are just there, and that hook is just terrible. a no name singing it too, and no one wants to hear nothing bout compton.

  • Swish15

    If any up and comer came out with there city as the title for their single, y’all mouths would be so far on dudes dick you couldn’t even breathe…

  • GR

    Just Blaze didn’t come through.

  • ewt

    Asap getting pushed back. Where’s his 2nd single? And its supposed to drop in less than a month? Never

  • mcd

    This isn’t a single. This is a verified leak. This was the preview track on iTunes and they just released the whole song for some hype. Not a single. It’s dope. Good song to end the album with. I can’t wait man.

  • bay2la

    That’s sly on the hook…..

  • DocCosmos

    Feel like were back in the golden era of west coast rap.

  • david

    This is nicer than i thought it’d be, Dre’s no more than a name to attract attention though, I doubt he writes his own material, sounds like Kendrick lyrics rather than Dre lyrics on here, same as on The Recipe, sounds like Eminem on most of his material, on Jay-Z’s ‘The Watcher II’ he sounds like he’s performing Rakim lyrics (who also featured on the track), and if he does write his verses he does it whilst imitating styles, Kendrick’s someone who crafts a track rather than throwing it together so I don’t see why, as an artist, he wouldn’t wanna feature someone with their own style

  • LexiCon

    could’ve been a great song, but that production is boring! C’mon, Just Blaze, you could’ve done better than that!

  • smarty mcsly


    What track are you listening to? That’s Just Blaze at his best right there. The beat goes hard

  • the realest

    man this nigga is mad boring. fuckin embarrassment to the west coast. MAKE SONGS! not the same ol “im from compton, didnt bang or sell drugs, just kinda, was there. but listen to me tho!” nigga no. next.

    “could’ve been a great song, but that production is boring! C’mon, Just Blaze, you could’ve done better than that!”

    LexiCon said this on October 2nd, 2012 at 4:29 am

    ^ felt the same. this is not no “why u hate the game.” not even close.

  • Mike

    Not a bad collab but this is not better than Game – Compton.

  • jazo

    Kendrick is kendrick.
    Blaze is Blaze.
    Love this shit.

  • If you don’t like the nigga stop listening to him, it’s not gonna hurt anybody’s feelings if you stop following his music

  • Mandingo

    Single,leak,whatever it is the shit is mediocre at best. The Kendrick dickriding is outta control. It’s like once these tools make up their mind that they like someone everything they touch is gold, and if they don’t like them then even if a song is good they still “nope” it. Must I further elaborate on why that’s wrong? I fuck with Kendrick. The beat is mad boring that’s not Just at his best he works best with Jay Elect. @the realest pretty much nailed it. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean you to dickride everything they do. That’s like being a yes man. It’s not good for Kendrick.

  • malcyvelli

    this is a good beat overall but decent for blaze, not bad whatsoever but its not his greatest work or anything but the shit rides, and to everybody saying dre sounds like kendrick, its common knowledge that dre has whoevers track hes on write his verse,

  • j

    lol dre mentioning headphones is worse than wayne mentioning trukfit.
    rap game full of whores these days.

  • NoWuff

    @FatboySlim Everybody could relate to Palookaville though

  • eh.

  • who cares

    This is very average for a Kendrick track. It doesn’t really feel like a Kendrick song at all, it’s too… over the top.

  • Akademo

    Everybody is a fucking critic! I wish that I could just meet/see some of you niggas in real life. Most likely some bitch ass, square ass, cabbage head haters who come here to post and act like they really know Hip Hop. Shut the fuck up and enjoy the music. “Dre sounds just like Kendrick”. “Just Blaze didn’t show up”. “This is wack”. What the fuck are YOU doing? This is the reason Hip Hop is fucked up now. Just because you have a opinion, doesn’t make your thoughts worthy of shit. You’re in your mommas basement anyways, so why don’t you create something to get you up out of there instead of hating and belittling this man’s creative energy. I hate you bitch ass niggas! On Hip Hop tho! Eat a dick haters! This coming from a nigga who GREW UP on Hip Hop. From Sugar Hill to Highpower niggas! Kendrick, keep doing your thing. Just Blaze, you’re way underrated! Keep knocking these niggas off the cliff. Dre. What can I say…

  • Can you guys be honest the comments im reading is negative obviously we all know kendrick is a lyrical monster.. but where it says dope theres 800+ likes and about 50+ dislikes stop the hate this track was ill too me

  • YES YES YES!!!!!!! WEST!

  • Ike


  • SF

    Shit’s dope. Period.

  • iceking777

    either you guys are just clueless or your part of the group of new rap(not hip hop) fans that know nothing about the culture or the history or anything at all. everybody knows dre has the artist whos song hes on(usually) ghostwrite his lyrcis. thats why when hes on eminems song he sounds like eminem and when hes on kendricks shit guess what, he sounds like kendrick. And quit hating on this shit people need to realize the impact kendricks album will have if it lives up to the hype. kendrick is damn near on every rappers radar and if he comes in with his debut and raises the bar you think niggas gonna feel comfortable putting out bullshit anymore(no more snapbacks and tattoos)…if kendrick wins right now its most likely gonna change a lot of shit. so instead of complaining on the nigga root for him if he does it right he could change the game as in make j. cole, drake and other artists who had potential but switched up to quit bullshitting. “ironic yall been sleeping on the same one you been dreaming bout”

  • DrewDogg

    Big Kendrick fan, but song is just OK for me.

  • karri stevens

    I threw up a W in class and the teacher was mad so i stormed out.
    got detention.
    what up 2dopeboyz!

  • Joe

    what does the M.A.A.D stand for in the album title ? anyone ?

  • Joe

    and all you faggots in the c section over-think everything for real

  • JaySole

    Probably the 1st time i hit Nope for a Kendrick song, really aint digging this one.

  • big pimpin

    To be honest I expected a better beat from Just but I can’t be mad this song is still dope. I feel like everyone’s expectations are so high for Kendrick that no matter what he puts out itll be somewhat of a let down… I guarantee anyone who says they don’t like this would be raving if they had no previous notion of these 3 and what they are capable of…

  • s

    Song is ok but The Art of Peer Pressure is unbelievable

  • kd

    King Kendrick Lamar just murked this joint. GKMC over errthang

  • Swish15

    If this is the “Tammy’s Song” of the album, this album is gonna be nuts! Gotta friend who heard it, said it doesn’t disappoint.

  • dont worry

    yea this album is gonna be something serious