• NICE

    Oh now 2Dope wanna hop on the battle rappers dick b/c Jay Z tweeted about it LOL smh


    woulda coulda shoulda been dope but he choked when it was time to battle

  • Cooll

    "woulda coulda shoulda"? He's still getting all the love and publicity like he never choked. This is not a situation you use "woulda coulda shoulda"


    I said that because it would have been better during the battle not just a random spot. Shut the fuck anyway cocksucker

  • ess

    @WUTANGFAN worst use of woulda coulda should ive ever seen

  • Hal A. Tosis

    Dude choked. That is all. He should be banished like everyone else who chokes in a battle. Canibus got torn apart for choking so should Lux

  • ThatsTheJoint

    can-i-bus spit nonsense, choked all 3 rounds and pulled out a notebook, loaded lux spit some fire, choked one round, then came back and BODIED the next 2, there's a big difference, be happy beloved.

  • http://shy Shy

    Lux had a legendary 3rd verse. an average 2nd and he choked so hard in the 1st. yall gassing his part in this battle harrrrrd. at least Cal was consistent.