Loaded Lux Raps Unheard Verse From Calicoe Battle (Video)

Loaded Lux spits the unheard second verse from his Summer Madness 2 battle with Calicoe which is what we would have heard had he not messed up his first verse in the earlier stages of the battle which he decided to complete afterwards.

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  • NICE

    Oh now 2Dope wanna hop on the battle rappers dick b/c Jay Z tweeted about it LOL smh


    woulda coulda shoulda been dope but he choked when it was time to battle

  • Cooll

    "woulda coulda shoulda"? He's still getting all the love and publicity like he never choked. This is not a situation you use "woulda coulda shoulda"


    I said that because it would have been better during the battle not just a random spot. Shut the fuck anyway cocksucker

  • ess

    @WUTANGFAN worst use of woulda coulda should ive ever seen

  • Hal A. Tosis

    Dude choked. That is all. He should be banished like everyone else who chokes in a battle. Canibus got torn apart for choking so should Lux

  • ThatsTheJoint

    can-i-bus spit nonsense, choked all 3 rounds and pulled out a notebook, loaded lux spit some fire, choked one round, then came back and BODIED the next 2, there's a big difference, be happy beloved.

  • Shy

    Lux had a legendary 3rd verse. an average 2nd and he choked so hard in the 1st. yall gassing his part in this battle harrrrrd. at least Cal was consistent.


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