Geechi Suede (of Camp Lo) – Ask About Me

blame it on Meka October 2, 2012

I guarantee you none of us will be able to understand what, exactly, he’s saying (I haven’t understood a single Camp Lo verse in the history of ever), but the shit sounds so good that it doesn’t matter. Fishnet Skyscrapers is the name of Suede’s solo project, and that will drop November 8th. Props to stilettosandsounds.

DOWNLOAD: Geechi Suede (of Camp Lo) – Ask About Me (prod. Kid Icarus)

  • nc0310

    Curren$y put me on Camp Lo.. Shit’s nice.

  • jaffejoe


    yep, that’s how i got into the Camp Lo shit..
    saturday night live is fucking genius!!

  • theekidicarus


  • The FEDS are gonna be knockin down yall’s door cus that is that pure, raw,uncut DOPE! Shout out to the producer theekidicarus for holding down VA for all of us who still love real hip hop out here! Keep em commin homey! Your making us all proud! 2 UP 2 DOWN!