Random Acts Of F*ckery: New York Knicks Edition

Um, Shump? Shouldn't you be working on your busted knee instead of your busted raps? New York, these are your Knicks.

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  • lilkandy


  • grips

    shit how's his knee look?

  • DK

    On their way to becoming the oldest team in history can't believe they're signing Rasheed. Anytime there's a little bit of hope they fuck everything up ...

  • mineisbigger

    knicks suck balls

  • shut up

    between these overrated clowns and the other overrated dickheads in BK, it's going to be fun watching New York basketball fail twice a year now.

  • S.Dot

    get off ur high horse nigga, the homies rehab is ahead of schedule and he's having fun at media day.

  • Right?^

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    Man fuck you, I always have & always will rep the Knicks no matter what. They could never win a championship in my life & I'll still rep them losers. Hopefully they'll win one day & it'll be worth it, but fuck James Dolan tho for real.

  • ehh.

    So players can't have fun on media day?

  • kayo

    Smh. I'm not even hatin on the video, just hatin on the knicks being the knicks man, makes me salty just to be a fan. Rasheed?! Really.

  • @knicks fans

    ey Knicks and theiir fans are fucking WACK

  • negropleas

    looks like the kid is enjoying himself and this is fuckery how?

  • Djdakayungdan

    "they aint my wit my knicks, knicks" but forreall Iman spits fire and is a freak athelete full of potential on both sides. People forgot that a young defensive PG is killer.