• WhoaHoldUpNow

    Still tryin to figure out why Rich Kidd would do a whole album with SonReal. Dude is just fuckin plain, and that's it. An ordinary corny white guy with mediocre rhymes. We need more Rich Kidd - Tona collabs.

  • VicVega

    ^ I was agreeing with you on your 2 first sentences, but come on boy why mentioning "WHITE"? can you tell me what the FUCK you mean? Is there any difference between a corny black guy and a corny white guy?
    smh at you racist basterds...

  • yaboypaul

    Rich and Era are dope as fuck. sonreal is whatever. i dont think hes nice at all but hes not terrible i guess

  • rb

    This track is straight fire!

  • SD

    SonReal and Rich Kidd are a deadly combo. CANADIAN HIP-HOP is running shit right now. shouts to JD for another perfect verse.

    LOL @ WhoaHoldUpNow your a retard.

  • hijusydn

    haha wow cant even believe this sonreal hate in the comments hes top 5 canada get real dumb niggs cant even understand half the things rich kidd says in this track

  • RapNigga

    Ahhh tell rich to never rap to a trap beat again, sounds mad off.

  • ActualRapPlease

    This is terrible. Era is the only decent one. SonReal is annoying as hell.