50 Cent – First Date f. Too $hort

blame it on Illy October 3, 2012

First single off 50 Cent’s final album on Interscope, Street King Immortal, due November 13. UPDATE: CDQ.

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  • fresh

    You can criticize Fif all you want but when he drops a record like this it’s hard to not just diddy-bop and enjoy the beautiful music. I’m all for progression, but this is classic 50 cent and we just want more of this.

  • problemo

    this is that classic ish.. that beat’s dope man

  • hh_addict

    What da fuck is that chorus ??? Ruined the song…

  • Kennyis22

    I thought New Day was the first single. And this song is alright. But this song just makes it feel like 50 will never recapture that mass audience he had with In da Club or Candy Shop. He can’t make hit records anymore. It’d be great if he just made straight gritty records or deeper records a la Can I Speak to You or hopefully, Many Men.

  • who cares

    Song is w/e, pretty generic though. Beat’s nice. Hook is awful.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I’m normally critically of 50’s music yet very from a neutral perspective. Anyhow, I actually really like this track.
    Very original and good energy on this.

  • roy

    started out okay. went down hill. mixing is terrible. hook vocals are too damn loud

  • Joe

    i like the hook fuck all you haha

  • you

    So New Day isn’t on the album?



  • Cash Warner

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  • ASmoker

    FUXKING 50 BACXK!!!!

  • solid track 50 this is what he needs to do, just chill the fuck out on a record and not try so hard to make a hit all the time

  • This song is whack from the beat, lyrics and hook. It’s sad to see him flop on this new project. If there was a demand for it (album) it would be on iTunes for re order. His enemies are going to have a field day with those new numbers.

  • OMG this is fucking whack! Why are you niggas trying so hard to act like this is dope, this sucks. 50 is done and finished. Fucking ugly nigga killed his own career, thank god!

  • Flip

    Fif gets some whack as beats now

  • Thinker

    Future wouldve done a better chorus. This whole song sucks ass

  • T.E.X.A.Z.

    This has Sean P! written all over it. Fitty needs to link up real quick with my dude. P!!


    this shit is fuckin awful, New Day had some heart in it but this doesn’t get me excited since he’s been holding his music back for a coupe of years already. jacking Ja Rule’s singing isn’t gonna cut it.

  • Wu Tang

    Freddie Gibbs – Rob Me A Nigga REMIX ft. 50 Cent, Young Jeezy and Mike Knox HAAAAaaaaaaaa

  • uneedmoreppl

    you losers have no sense of humor…and must not like pussy…cuz this joint is fire right here