BET Hip Hop Awards 2012: Warm Up Cyphers (Video)

blame it on Illy October 3, 2012

Tito Lopez, Brianna Perry, Relly, Fame, The Kid Daytona and K’La appear in the first warm up cypher segment with Core Masson, Kosha Dillz and Boy Jones appearing in the second cypher. The final warm up cypher features Lil Chuckee, Lil Niqo and Lil Waah.

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  • Complacent

    Who the fuck these niggas?

  • wat

    BET is fucked up for putting Relly in a Warm-Up cypher, AKA an internet exclusive cypher. Relly is the 2012 106 & Park Freestyle Friday champion and being in the cypher was one of his prizes. The previous champions Bones Brigante and Blind Fury were in the main cyphers (the main cyphers obviously are shown during the actual show), getting them mass exposure to established artists and a wider audience. Putting him in an internet exclusive cypher denies him of all that opportunity. He’s actually nice too.

  • wat

    Anyway, the first cypher was OKAY with Relly, Daytona, and Tito. Tito killed it but the two chicks were HORRIBLE.

    The second was horrible. Three no names never going anywhere. Even ODB’s son.

    The third… Sigh the third.

  • The JOAT

    Disrespect to put Tito in with these clowns, wish he made the TV cut.

  • wordup

    tito and lil niqo ran that shit..everyone else was pure whackkkkk

  • ianism

    ^^^ what Complacent said

  • Juicy-G

    Tito, Lil Wahh, K’la, and Boy Jones. I liked, Tito was def the best overall tho.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    Briana Perry can get it, but she can’t rap, Relly murked, Fame was aight, K’La been murdering shit, Tito went in, Niqo, Waah, & Chuckee all went in, but people gonna call them wack because they young.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Who the fuck these niggaz? get some people that actually have bars that people have heard of, Fashawn, Omen, gibbs, alley boy, fuck, anyone other than these nobodies

  • FUckYOuThatsWho

    yo K’La murdered that shit. her flow was unique, didnt sound like everybodies else.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    cosign fuckyou, she did her thang , probably the one i was most impressed with

  • wat

    You guys really thought K-La did good? wat.

  • DonaldDuck

    I can see why this was sent straight to the net. All of these “rappers” are whack. The females especially.

  • wat

    Since Mac Miller is in the cypher with Q, A$AP Rocky, and since Childish Gambino, and Joey Bada$$ are in one together, I’m assuming Hopsin and Ab-Soul are in one together.

  • wat

    *** Since Mac Miller is in the cypher with Q, and since Childish Gambino, A$AP Rocky, and Joey Bada$$ are in one together, I’m assuming Hopsin and Ab-Soul are in one together.

  • heathat

    damn kosha dillz killed tito lopez and daytona

  • heathat

    the chicks were dope…kosha dillz … lopez..daytona…thats fresh

  • johnny5

    yeah but TIto Lopez and Kosha Dillz are the only ones who really tour out this shit…so they the rappers getting paid. real talk