Gunplay Gets Jumped By G-Unit (Video)

blame it on Illy October 3, 2012

Here goes footage of Gunplay getting into a rumble with 50 Cent’s G-Unit goons at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. Don Logan has already stated that he will likely never reconcile with Curtis.

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  • Mike Diesel

    LMFAO………….this shit is funning, you can cleary hear Yayo screaming “Yea Nigga, Yeah Nigga!” LMFAO

    Fuck MMG and they bitch ass………..50 got the crew out and fucked them up. Officer Ricky you next

  • Mike Tomlin

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I hope I’m that cool when Im 37

  • dope

    conspiracy theory time
    the only reason that this tape actually stayed off the net until today is because mmg bought it and is now releasing it . Gunplay been on interviews every day since it came out, but now the buzz is dying off. Now let’s see him drop a single in the next couple of day

  • Blaze

    You can see 50 was at the front and was with yayo mike kidd kidd and some followers and they walk passed gunplay who was standing in the corner and then bang 50 smacked him and his head went then 50’s soldiers gave him a little beating gunplay was lucky security was there or it could have been worse and you can see the guy he went after was already on the floor after being sprayed

    gunplay has given a bunch of different interviews and each one has told a different story saying he had it out with 8 bodyguards this reminds me back when william was denying being a cop

    and mike has his chain in philly

  • illicitly ill

    These clowns need to grow the fuck up.

  • swageezy

    pussy ass shit. ya’ll still think its cool for 10 dudes to jump 1? “I smell pussy”. Gunplay still got up and kept throwing down gotta give him some props.

  • zhfb

    HOw the fuck can you be defending 50 cent. I’ve been doing MMA for 8 years and I can assure you that only pussy ass niggas attack a dude alone.

    Gunplay has balls and idn(t pussy off, fuck G Unii and fuck 50 cent

  • picky

    how u gonna talk shit on gunplay?! dude got JUMPED, DROPPED and was still the LAST ONE throwing punches..fuck outta here

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    And how does this make G-Unit look cool?, They barely touched that nigga, it looked more like security throwin him around instead of the rappers, and dude hopped right back up like nothing happen, weakest jump I ever seen in my life.

  • ABN

    Shut that shit up Gunplay bitch ass should have never been talking that shit about G-Unit period!!!

  • bxbxb

    This is why people still call them niggers.

  • Anonymous

    Lol ignorant as fuck. Almost as good as Dipset on the basketball court… Good ol’ fashioned chimpout.

  • CDE

    Yall some dumb ass motha fuckas. Who said he was jumped? you think 50 out there looking for that bum ass nigga? Im sure he dont even want this to be known, this bad for look for him in the business world. Gunplay was looking for trouble and he got it, plain and simple.

    And he lucky cops showed up cause he was getting his ass stomped out. Only reason he was able to get back up was because everyone scattered when the pepper spray came.

  • RIley Freeman


  • that sucks for Gunplay…. but hey, he still making better music than 50 cent right now… he’s still a real nigga in the end regardless of him getting his ass jumped by the G-unit that cant even make good music anymore.

  • Killaaa

    talk shit, get hit

  • freals

    gunplay actually just gained a whole lotta respect on my side. he a real souljah in my books

  • igot5iveonit

    Lesson of the day is “Don’t talk shit” and if you do keep your head on a swivel. Nuff respect to 50 and G-Unit taking matters into their own hands and getting Gunplay. Wether its 10 on 1 or 1 on 1 keep your mouth closed and you won’t have to watch your back.

  • Ology

    Still liked his feature on Cartoon & Cereal. Lol

    & Like, are they proud to be called a G-Unit member? Is the whole rolling in a group and jumping niggas still cool? How old are they again? Cmon now guys.

  • Ology

    Let 50 fight him 1on1 not hide behind those other niggas like a bitch.

  • Unfuckwitable

    yall ppl stupid u can clearly see the only reason gunplay got the best of dude towards the end of the video is because dude was mased and couldnt see.

  • unfuckwitable

    ^^^ that comment is for those of you who think gunplay is such a tough guy now smh

  • germany

    fuckin pussys 10 vs 1? and gunplay had balls get back up and fight still g-unot worst rap crew in history with fag 50 cent

  • WAGAGAGAGA LOL at the hurt MMG fans and 50 Cent haters … I’d hate to know how yol feel right now.

    I cant stop larfing at yol tryna find positives for Gunplay in a clear n quick beating lol.

    Like how yol gon respect gunplay for beating on a blind pepper sprayed man on the floor lol, like yol have no idea how sad yol sound.

    And i dont know bout yol there in America, but a beating is a beating weather 5 against 1 or whatever GTFOH with that “he a G he was by his self” yol MMG fans sound realy hurt reaching for positives lol.

    Now G-Unit and Philly got yo chain lol … 50 tweeted he givin it to Jeezy for his bday lol.
    Not only has G-unit and Philly taken Gunplays manhood in takin his chain, but they’ve also made a larfing stock of the whole “TOUCHABLE” empire.

    And Rick Ross aint gona do shit … he aint done sh* when 50 fucked his baby moms and put hands on his sons.

  • asdf

    “Gunplay got his ass wooped!”

  • Jump niggas like fuck 1on1 – danny brown

  • germany

    n a clear n quick beating [email protected] GTFOH
    how he got back on his feet .go lick 50 balls and he is not a g because of that what he did with ross woman nad son that is not a true only fags do shit like that

  • Chris

    “I been doing MMA for 8 years” Shut the fuck up you name-dropping pussy!!

  • Nchaa Germany u sound realy hurt buddy : (
    He got back on his feet when Rick Rossz cop brothers came to Gunplays rescure, didnt you watch the clip.

    Now i know its gona be hard but just watch it again so you know what you talkin about.

    50 just tweeted he givin Gunplays manhood (chain) to Jeezy for his bday lol … So disrespectfull.

  • Dark Vadar

    lol i’v never seen fans so hurt like you mmg fans. just take the loss as big as it is and move on thats it, theres no positives to take out of this.
    to be honest the police saved his life hes one lucky dude

  • Swish15

    thats some mortal kombat type flying right there lol!!! gunplay FLEWWW

  • jo

    you can take a nigger out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out the nigger

  • MarznCharge

    G-Unit still together? g-g-g-get the fuck outta here

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    you G-Unit fans really trying to make it bigger than it is, ok 50 punched Gunplay, 50’s security dragged Gunplay and threw him, and then his security and Mike Knox attempted to beat the shit out of Gunplay but didn’t, he was getting up after every stomp, the police who are at every event sprayed the crowd as Gunplay was getting up, Gunplay hit the 1st nigga he could, and then he got sprayed, that’s all that happen, nothing more nothing less.

  • Truth

    this is one of the many reasons why every other race hates most black people. Most of them are ignorant, selfish, loud mouthed, disrespectful pieces of shit, but there are some that are cool.

  • NY Jets 4 the Superbowl

    Rick Ross should of done all he could to keep this tape from being released this is embarrasing not only for Gunplay but for MMG.
    No1 believed their tough guys ganster image before anyway, but right now its gone to laughable status after this clip.
    They the joke of hiphop now. And whats more sad is their fans tryna find positives in a clear n quick beating … but sadly theres no positives here, applauding gunplay for hitting a pepper sprayed man down is reaching.
    And 5 on 1 or 100 on 1 doesnt matter or make the beating a lesser on … coz let be honest with eath other, yol and I know damn well that either 50 or Mike Knox would beat the hell outta Gunplay 1 on 1.

  • No Idols

    @ ToolofGeorgiaBoys
    You’re a hurt MMG fan we get it. sorry buddy just take the loss n move on, stop tryna downplay it.

    “Everybody plays the tough guy till shit pop off” ASAP ROCKY – GOLDIE

  • LMAO



  • nickd

    Don’t understand why the cops didnt pepper spray g-unit but when gunplay was chasing them down, he was pepper sprayed.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @No Idols
    You mean the same way 50 did nothing when Game was creeping around his house? the only way this would be a loss for MMG would have been if they actually hurt him or knocked him out, which they didn’t.

  • lol

    you fucking idiots, he didn’t get back up, they pulled the fucking crackhead back up for more!

  • lol

    shit, whos the nigga in the photo above? haahahahahahhaha fucking hell he looks like a faggot, never using “[email protected]” again haahahahhaah

  • SirAnomaly

    If it’s rick ross & Gunplay vs 50 & Young Jeezy, Kendrick is going to have an interesting situation. & I know somebody is gonna say some shit like “stop dick riding him”. stfu I just realized he’s worked with all of them.

  • $$$


  • $$$


  • Yeah, niggas!!!

  • Fux Wit It



  • moo

    stupid coons

  • Nunya

    lets see any of the niggas on here get jumped and still jump up and give it to one them G-UNOT … Big man was tryna run.. still got caught .. GUNPLAY HELD DAT BTICH DINE!

  • Respect

    @bxbxb Racist, grow up Dude.

  • NesTa

    What Im Wonderin…Is Why The Fuck Do Muhfukas Always Take Video…Like They Ride The Short Bus N Shit? *sigh* Fukn DumbAsFuck.

  • lol

    g-unit in the house bad news…..ahahhahahahah that nigga got hes ass handed to him…and all u motherfcukers saying he still standing up and shit :::::::D lol nigga barley ran up and started punching mike knox while mike knox had hes eyes pepper sprayed u fools…g unit dont fuck around

  • flo

    shit if this was MMG crew jumping one g-unit fag you niggas will be bitchin like nothin. smh

  • @igot5iveonit

    “Nuff respect to 50 and G-Unit taking matters into their own hands and getting Gunplay”

    pussy ass words from a pussy ass nigga. FUCK YOU

  • slayingtheilluminati

    another case of sad little monkeys jumping 1 guy with 10, these guys are pussys i bet the wouldt last 1 minute in an actual ‘fight’
    ‘gang members’ are pussys

  • alichemicali

    well done 2dbz for posting this shit!!!
    takes us 10 steps back into the stoneage (again).
    sarcasm on – very good promotion for ‘hip-hop’… – sarcasm off

  • Wu Tang

    Freddie Gibbs – Rob Me A Nigga REMIX ft. 50 Cent, Young Jeezy. HAAAAaaaaaaaa

  • Tdubble

    You can tell the real street niggas from the bitch made saying let them fight one in one. Mmg jumped a dj????? How is that real. The unit was walking past him he was mean muggin acting out of line and got delt with. Street shit. If it wasn’t for the police pulling niggas a pepper staying everything different story he would have been sleep. Calling that dude a real nigga and you gaining respect make you a clown abd him a fool. He had a horse shoe up his ass. Cuz was the last one swinging be cuz everyone got sprayed dumb fucks.and he still aint get off on a nigga who got backed down by pepper spray.smh at you people. Talking bout he make good musiq Rollin was his best song and Waka made that shit hot IMO

  • C-los

    PERFECT I was starting to miss WORLD STAR HIPHOP but here comes 2dopeboyz to the rescue doing the kind of shit they criticize WSHH for doing.
    Doesn’t matter that you only do it once

  • Atlis

    Are you guys seriously upset that rapper are fighting? saying shit like “how old are the niggas” and shit. ALL THEY RAP ABOUT IF FUCKING PEOPLE UP. and when they do it its dumb? you listen to the music and now your upset they do the things they do….. face it everyone fights at all ages all races. “talk shit, get hit.” the end.

  • toochainz

    ^^^ exactly

    another point. if anybody even watched the whole video then you’ll hear the dudes at the end talking about how Gunplay tried to punch 50 and then run, buuut security wasn’t having that and made of fool of Gunplay.

    so to all that “Gunplay got jumped”…foh

  • ross the fake

    this is awsum!! Fuk MMG
    50 a real hood nigga look at his life
    this will happen if u talk shit