Rick Ross – The Black Bar Mitzvah (Mixtape Artwork)

blame it on Shake October 3, 2012

On October 8th, the MMG bawse will be hitting the net with a brand new mixtape offering. And I have a feeling the c-section is gonna have a field day with it’s title and artwork. Starting now…

  • Fred


  • smitty

    This nigga here………

  • AJ

    What a fucking joke. First he’s Rick Ross, now Jewish Rick Ross. But i guess if Drake is on there he gets a pass?

  • fuck this nigga b.

  • ihatestans

    Ross knows the Jews own the industry as well as everything else in this country. He mentions them alot in his raps.

  • yesssir

    weren’t they just talking about Big Bird during the Presidential Debates? How ironic.

  • FatBoySlim

    It makes plenty of sense. He considers himself to be a “bawse”. Like someone previously mentioned the Jews are the real bosses they run this music industry shit and alot of other industries or at least have their hand in it in some way shape or form.

  • real as rawse

    Mozzel Toff you Sluffs!

  • rusty

    this has to be a joke. the blogs have been had.

  • Q

    Whatever you may think of him you gotta respect him as a business man. Nigga be making moves while it’s taking a certain nigga whos name I’m not gonna even mention 4+ years to put out his debut. Mixtape top of the year, album not too long ago, now already another mixtape. Respect the hustle even if not the man.

  • peteROC

    Jay said “black bar mitzvah” in two songs and no one hated.

  • 2dopefan

    @ Q

    his album was delayed for 7-8 months. ashes to ashes was probably wat his album was supposed to be in the first place. im pretty sure this mixtape is just a bunch of leftover tracks. he stay “hustin” because if he would to take time off he would never be relevant again.

  • Eat A Dick

    Whether you agree or not, if you get correlation he’s drawing there’s nothing to hate. Maybe not to the level of the Jews but yea in his own right. Notice how the person who posted this is basically urging you to hate on Ross? & I don’t even really dig dude personally but let people think for themselves.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Theres a fine line between hard work and oversaturation. Go away for a little while Ross, were sick of you.

  • Only fat nigga in a sauna with Jews-Rick Ross

  • Rick O Shea

    mocking religion. right on

  • Tto

    peteROC said:

    Jay said “black bar mitzvah” … and no one hated.


  • Q

    @2DopeFan What does any of that shit have to do with the facts I posted? Stop hatin’ you’re not pretty sure of shit because you have absolutely no clue. I don’t even like this nigga but if got so much hate in you that you can’t respect the man’s hustle and business savy and learn from it then that’s just sad

  • audiodope

    @PeteROC, Most successful rappers have a relationship with a Zionist Jew. Shawn Carter is no exception. But Ross makes it so obvious.

  • JP Morgan

    I must admit, aside from all of the singles which were complete garbage, the rest of GFID for the most part was pretty dope. Might be more thorough than GFID without any of the forced singles.


    lol’d hard

  • picky


  • DNice

    Fuck this fool Ross . Now this nigga wants to be a jew pig . Drakes his man so he wants to be like him . He knows who owns everything . Even drake is all about his jew business . They love it cause it good publicity for all the bad they do in this world . Real Talk

  • grapedrank

    so this niggas finally 13 and coming into his manhood orrrr??


  • Mandingo

    Three projects in this damn year alone and Jay Elect still can’t give Hov a album he deems worthy of stamping and mailing out. There’s no way the shit is dropping this year.

  • This nigga is off his ROCKER.

    This is truly some wild shit.

  • Veracity

    Really?! How much more is this Ricky The Pretender gonna jack n bite and be allowed to get away with?!?!:

    Freeway Rick Ross’s WHOLE identity and life.
    His visual amalgamation of Freeway Rick Ross [the beard] and Biggie.
    Actually thinkin he was Biggie for a minute with that whole muhfuckin Bugatti Boyz NONSENSE [ridin with that other fuckin idiot snake… who fights for relevancy with the latest ”hot’, POP thing’ yet time and time again… whorin himself out].
    Mob names i.e. for mixtape titles e.g. Albert Anastasia, Tefon Don etc. [‘course that’s NEVER been done before’].
    Stealing you whole company/label from AN EXISTING car [company]?!?! [I mean how original AND CREATIVE is that; that’s got to have taken a supreme amount of deliberation to arrive at… I mean how thirsty is dude?! And matter fact what muhfuckin EMPIRE?!?! Car I don’t see one?! ‘ You lyin’ again Pretender Ricky?]
    Gang affiliation with Piru/Blood niggaz [cus we all know that has no TREND in its nature at all, contemporarily].
    Body tattoo coverage [‘cus that was NEVER A TREND EITHER].
    2pac song titles and typography (like the last dross he let fly with T.I.).
    Matter fact mentioning Pac’s name full stop! [Considerin who you once were].
    Jigga lyrics… ad infinitum…

    …and no doubt there are countless other bitin offences made by Ricky The Pretender *TOO MANY to mention*… bitch behave… someone SERIOUSLY NEEDS to check this fool and bring him back in line… I mean what next… we find out that he was once really a JAKE?!?! *Oh wait*

  • Pitifully Piss Poor

    I think I’ll jump on the Drake bandwagon now…

  • Bongwater

    no way this shits real

    i think yall gettin trolled hard as fuck right now

  • Hey guys! Your forgetting the man behind “H-mmm-phhhh!!”

  • Stay Frosty

    This is real? Please tell I’m sleep. Can a jewish rapper or producer or rabbi oblige to this?

  • Mike Tomlin

    Can we talk about that cover thou??

  • @Mike Tomlin

    Yo Mike Tomlin SUCK DEEZ NUTS

  • Chris

    The Fat Bar Mitzvah…

  • Meh

    Jay-Z could have said he was converting to Judaism and I would have brushed it off so long as he didn’t have an album/mixtape artwork like this.

  • Blaze

    really dont understand how people can take this guy serious and be a fan and listen to his music dude is a straight clown

  • a fuck nigga

    Jewish mofos fucked the world up
    same illuminati asshoes

  • Flip

    The jordan of mixtapes. point blank

  • @Meh

    “Jay-Z could have said he was converting to Judaism and I would have brushed it off so long as he didn’t have an album/mixtape artwork like this.”

    thats because stupid ass niggas like you dont listen to the lyrics. what a fucking dumbass

  • Yasser

    Damn it, Im Muslim, I cant be riding around bumpin the star of david

  • lilkandy

    LOL FOREVER at this cover + title…

  • j

    o this is real?

    wait so he stay clowning the fuck out of religions and shit
    lil b said im gay then look what happens

  • j

    and damn he gotta let the rest of MMG breathe, this gonna take focus away from meek mill.

    what about a rockie fresh mixtape, a new stalley ep???

  • Jay305

    It amazes me how half you niggas that will shit on Ross for this cover and his overall persona will be the same ones crashing datpiff to download it when this shit drops

  • rudyy

    @Veracity YESSSSSS x1000000

  • bleach

    was he eye-fucking a twinkie??

  • I really dont care about Ross’ persona or any of that nonsense I just hope its not Offensive to actual Jews. That’ll backfire in a whole new kinda way for Mr. Roberts.

  • GrammarNazi

    “And I have a feeling the c-section is gonna have a field day with ITS title and artwork.” *fixed

  • slayingtheilluminati

    shows who’s puppet he is, zionist slave

  • Matt

    Before GFID, Ross was stuntin callin his album a classic and shit…it hasnt been 2 months and he bringin out another project?

  • How Ross gonna drop a mixtape out of nowhere right before his own artist drops his debut album. He should be promoting Meek and not his self. Dumb move

  • justenjoythisshit

    best comedian ever

  • cf

    if you don’t like rick ross, why would you comment on this? lol.

  • FatBoySlim

    There’s nothing dumb about this. Ross is still a signed artist he has his own shit to do. This isn’t tittie feed time. Let Weak Mill carry his own weight. He’s the one who signed to signed rapper. That’s just not that smart in the first place. That is dumb.

  • Joser

    illumantti is outdated
    corrupted religion is the new swag.

  • Kanye W.


  • Jway

    He gonna turn himself into a symbol like prince , the black star of david. LOL

  • the rap bandit

    So G-Unit still has Gunplay’s chain though LOL