Bishop Lamont – The Layover (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 4, 2012

Bishop Lamont teams up with DJ Woogie for his latest mixtape offering. Features include Black Milk, Rich Kidd, Raekwon, Planet Asia, Evidence, Rapper Big Pooh, El Prez, Chace Infinite, Royce Da 5’9″, Mykestro and many more. Tracklist, stream and download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Bishop Lamont – The Layover (Mixtape)

  • Tres


  • john

    baby its bisshhoooppppp bishop lamont its bissshhhhoooppp bishop lamont

  • basegodd

    its hilarous how meka and shake wont post up all the new crack charles hamilton has been droppen . even though whenever they post anything sonic related the comment section blows up .

  • who cares

    Hell yea, I been waiting on this.
    @basegodd – gtfo with that bullshit. Charles Hamilton is whack.

  • Tres

    Is ‘The Reformation’ supposed to better than this? God Luck Bishop. This shit is earth core HOT!

  • Backpacker

    Most guest features ever. I don’t see how he can even put his name on this shit. Without even listening and looking at the tracklist, if the mixtape is 80 minutes, I bet Bishop isn’t on it for more than maaaaaybe 15 minutes.

  • trufisbak

    dj woogie? c’mon son..

  • buckets

    im surprised crooked i aint on this. that bishop/crooked/glasses combo coulda been something serious

  • dope

    This is a MEGA monster street album! 28 tracks of pure heat almost 2 hours long. Bishop knows how to pick beats and guest features. I hope The Reformation has no features besides people on the chorus. This STREET ALBUM IS FIRE!!!!

  • mirailyan

    so good day

  • $$$

    Looks like dude hit up camps across the country. The Justus League track is nice.


    gave it a listen and its dope real hip hop

  • leeroy

    the homie jah drumma on this haha dooooooooooooooooooooooooooope.

  • NesTa

    Bishop That Dude…Its A FREE Mixtape…Who Gives A Fuck How Many Features Are On Here!

  • DBS

    Bishop is dope but I wouldn’t get into this, DJ Dookie ruins it.

  • DBS


  • Track #23 “Murder Via Opus” is produced by J. Bizness for Illregular Instrumentals.
    Not J-Thrill.
    Shout out to J-Thrill though.
    He’s dope.

  • fuck fake hip hop fans

    man yall niggas are the fucking worst of the worst hip hop ‘fans.’ who gives a fuck what DJ you hear on it all of twice. so if drama or skee was on it, that makes it better? nigga khaled stay screaming all throughout a song and u niggas eat that shit up. i hate you fake ass hip hop fans bruh. yall give us real niggas a bad name.

    on to the music, this shit is fucking dope. straight up and down. he got royce on this shit yo. black milk. big pooh and chaundon. and he fucked with this Swish cat before and now he on bishop mixtape TWICE and went hard as fuck on this shit. real hip hop niggas. Bishop is that dude fam.