MGK Meets DMX (Video)

MGK meets his idol DMX in a scene of the two making "D3mons" from his upcoming Lace Up documentary coinciding with his debut album of the same name, out October 9. UPDATE: Check a snippet of the joint below.

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  • Mike Diesel

    DMX is washed up, and MGK is fucking the corniest rapper not named Hopsin

  • nyc22

    ^^ CO-Sign and then some. MGK is such a clown. If DMX was still hot, he wouldn't even acknowledge this child. X is just desperate, and since (for some reasson) MGK is making waves, DMX is jumping on board.

    So sad Hip Hop, so sad.

  • gr00ve


  • RwMcQuarters

    this is just sad.

  • Mike Diesel



  • Wil

    Hate on we don't need y'all. Lace The Fuck Up!

  • malcyvelli

    @Wil kill yourself, theres nothing worse than a male groupie

  • Fayyyygs

    Haters are worse then male groupies. Can't stand y'all overly opinionated fags having to talk shit and lie about everything. U trying too hard

  • FoRealDough

    There's nothing worse than grown up haters! All you do is criticize without's the same as me thinking you're some type of fag without meeting you (but it's probably true ha).

    I just heard the album...and it's HOT!! I didn't care for dude in the beginning...but as I LISTENED, I realized that dude has skill!


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