Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist (Album Stream)

blame it on Shake October 5, 2012

With Macklemore and Ryan Lewis set to drop their new album The Heist on October 9th (pre-orders available now), NPR is giving us a chance to stream the project in it’s entirety. Click here to listen.

Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  • Justin

    I just listened to the whole thing. I think it’s pretty dope. Its a good change up from the ignorance that’s been popular lately. The music has meaning. And the overall sound as far is pretty good, the beats have many different sounds throughout the each individual track. Doesn’t hurt getting a guest spots from Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, and the other features are mostly non hip-hop artists which gives the album some diversity. I think he did pretty good for a first big album. Just my thoughts though.

  • JXN

    Insanely good album. Just finished listening to it all the way through. I can’t wait to see him live in Nov.

  • nc0310

    Best body of music i’ve heard in a while

  • Juicy-G


  • AOTY

  • Johnson Barnes

    Album is great.

  • tc

    that song with school boy is ridiculous, along with the one with ab-soul. He’s been one of my favorite artist for a little while now, i can’t wait for this album to be on iPod

  • KYLE


  • mrk

    i rarely post on these clownass msg boards. but this album goes in the whole damn time. do yourself a favor and listen to a few tracks.

  • baltazar


  • shit goesssss. Didn’t expect anything less from them, but I can’t be more happy with this. great album

  • Chris

    Impressive album :) Macklemore and Ryan lewis are a great duo. One of the best underground rap albums this year

  • this album sounds like a G.O.A.T. made it. and he did.

  • Ched

    It doesn’t matter who you are a fan of, this album will affect you one way or another. When I first found his VS EP here on 2DBZ I thought it was great, now this, this is amazing.

  • Elliot


  • greg

    This album is actually incredible. Can’t wait to cop for those extra 3…

  • Someasshole

    Albums like this is what REAL hip hop is about! The most brutally honest and introspective lyrics since Atmosphere’s “little man”. To Publically announce and recognize your issues and addictions separate one from the rest. Using that addiction to fuel your passion and use it as a stone to humble you; mastered it. If there were more albums like this, hip hop would no longer be associated with aliens or purple lean. Give hip hop a purpose once again, revive and feed it!

  • James Fitzpatrick

    I agree with justin

  • Honestly, I Don’t Like This Album Too Much. The First Thing You See Before Listening Is The Album Cover. “The Heist” entitled.. But Yet None Of The Songs Have Anything To Do With It. The Next Thing Are The Songs. The Production Is High Quality & Excellent But I Just Don’t Feel It. I’m Not Trying To Hate Or Anything. I Have Respect For His Lyrical Ability & Music. But I Just Don’t Feel It. Maybe Because I Am Not A Rich White Kid That Didn’t Grow Up Wearing J’s Because My Family Wasn’t As Fortunate As Others Or Maybe Because I Wasn’t Raised On A Religion & Go To Church Weekly. No Artist Is The Same & To Say That This Is Real Hip Hop Is Biased. He Is A Good Artist But There Are Different Artist. I Don’t Feel Him Mainly Because We Don’t Live The Same. But To Say This Is Real Hip Hop? I Don’t Like That Alien Or Purple Lean Shit Either & I Think Its For The Trendy Hipsters Out There. But Hip Hop Just Isn’t This.. It Also Has A Bad Side That Talks About Poverty & Surviving Which Is The Side Of Hip Hop That I Relate More Too. Not That Fake Shit That Glorifies Violence & Ganglife. Macklemore Is A Great Artist, Great Lyricist, & A Good Musician. But I Just Don’t Feel This Album Nor Relate To It.

  • terribleT

    ^ Is it necessary to capitalize every word?

  • csuf

    this shit is actually really dope. different, but i fuck with it. he just rapping about what he went through in life.

  • mikeczyk

    What’s actually weak is that The Heist is #1 on iTunes and released independently. That’s actually news and more relevant than any French Montana leak.

  • KinglyMoose

    @Scotch.. Jimmy Iovine is about him in a heist trying to “steal” a record deal. The last line though is one of my favorite album, “Rather be a starving artist, than succeed at getting fucked”

  • Joel

    am I the only one who thinks this album is average?