Troy Ave – My Type of Party (Key-Mix)

blame it on Illy October 5, 2012

Troy Ave drops off another Key-Mix, this time, rocking Dom Kennedy’s summer banger.

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  • Baz

    trying hard to understand why u guyz keep postin this crap? shit sucks

  • a.maveric


  • Brett M

    It hurts my ears

  • Sasha

    Yea I can tell it was made at 4am – boy get some sleep, your vision is WACK

  • Winston

    I’ll say this much, its not helping my constipation

  • McconnellJaime

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  • Dude needs to drop original one cares about your “key mixes” lol

  • 2Pac


  • d477

    I really dont get why 2DBZ keeps posting dude trackz, they are always are crap. 5 dopes and 40 nopes!Need a new music blog after seeing this shit keep getting posted. C

  • dafuck

    u guys must be getting paid a shit load of $$ to post shit like this

  • BitchPLZ