• Walter

    you can't be serious...lol

  • DiQo

    This is 3 dope! Officially a fan

  • Brit

    wack as fuck lol

  • taylor


  • Rock

    Is there really any need for another artist with a "$" in their name. Before she goes any further, she needs to drop that wack shit right now. Jesus Christ, how cliche' can you be?

  • realtalk™

    ^WORD.. and a $ in Ka$h at that.. so lame

  • ayeeee

    this is dope af, i love this! especially how it ends

  • Keith

    Mad chill, change if pace for the music scene

  • kavon

    jesus fucking christ. really....
    come on...
    wtf is this shit

  • francesca

    this bxtch cant sing

  • Jay

    I fuckk wid it.

  • http://facebook.com jay

    This is a hot track