Dr. Dre Presents Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city (Trailer)

blame it on JES7 October 6, 2012

Here’s a short trailer for Kendrick’s forthcoming debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city with a short history of artists Dre has presented to the Hip-Hop world (on Aftermath Records), including Em, 50 and Game. SHAKE UPDATE: Just got word this isn’t official. I’ma leave it up though, because no promo is bad promo. October 22nd…

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  • who cares

    That was actually put together well, except the fact that it just cuts off at the end.

  • ji_gantus

    can. not. fucking. wait. hopefully lives up to the hype, aint been this excited since waiting for coles debut album. glad lady gaga aint on this fuck that weird bitch. damn i miss 2005 game

  • tray

    just fuck snoop huh?

  • koke

    Pretty sick trailer. Hope his album sells big.

  • Shy

    Lol son forgot snoop wtf…

  • Asada

    Shoulda had Snoop on their too

  • zachariah

    I agree Snoop should have been there, but the gap at the end was too big haha a big fuck you to Bishop Lamont, Joell Ortiz, Eve, Stat Quo, Hittman, ohhh shit and Slim The Mobster is releasing an album like Ortiz did on Koch, so will likely go the same route.

  • Fresh

    Snoop obviously isn’t on Aftermath Duhhhh

  • Kennyis22

    They couldn’t use The Game’s vocals on his own song during his part for the trailer?

  • I may not like Dre’s production anymore, but I gotta give it to the man, he has an ear for great artists. Respect

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm it’s iight and ^ yeah but that he fucks up more say Bishop Lamont both middle fingers to black Schwarzenegger dre for that shit and idk how I feel about this shit he didn’t make no Kendrick imo section.80 made itself as an album to me but hope KL gets the support that it deserves!

  • PhillyD

    Snoop was never signed to Aftermath….If thats the case NWA woulda had to be on there too.

  • K.

    Dre didn have shit to do with Kendricks success. Kendrick was already big before they signed. Dres using him. But its whatever as long as the music is great. I just dont understand why new artists like TDE and J. Cole and even Drake feel the need to sign to these huge labels when they were doing shit right on their own. It gets them a bigger fanbase but i think they all would get that on their own anyways. Stay independent, make your own lane, fuck the leeches and the parasites.

  • I gotta agree with everything K. said ^^^

  • Real Talk

    Being asked a lot lately why I decided to sign with STRANGE MUSIC INC instead of a Major and the answer is simple. Strange has given me complete creative control to make the music that I want to make. Strange also understands touring and merch on a level that NO major label can compare with, they don’t just talk about it they live it.

    I have no desire to have some prick A&R at a Major tell me how my music should sound and want me to change what got me to this point to begin with…only to then possibly not even have my album drop at all. FUCK THAT SHIT!!

    My debut album will be more of the same music that all of you have supported me for to begin with. Shit ain’t broke and we’re not trying to fix anything.

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that has shown me love and continues to do so.


  • LexiCon

    @Real Ralk
    And who is Rittz? I’ve never heard of him. Being indie is not a fucking religion. It just means your music is not that relevant.

  • Wu Tang

    Why they use 50 cent’s voice when game show up ? haha


  • gsagfdsagf

    Dre didn’t do anything for kendrick…

  • Tay

    No Snoop?

  • Frylock

    it called presentation. Dre didn’t do anything for any of these artist because they all had a buzz. what he did was present these artists to the masses. plus snoop isn’t on there because he was never signed to aftermath. oh and another thing stop giving dre so much credit up top someone said dre was the reason for NWA sucess which is bull. Cube was the one who put that whole group on the map since he wrote for EVERYONE in that group.

  • Some Dude

    Cool concept, but no Snoop and Dre is riding along with K Dot’s fame. Dre has NOTHING to do with where Kendrick is today. He didn’t present anyone anywhere when it comes to Kendrick. The Recipe never dropped as a real single. The shit’s on the deluxe. It basically doesn’t exist. So…yeah…Dre has nothing to do with this one. In fact, Dre was gonna drop Game if it wasn’t for Iovine pushing him into the whole G-Unit group, which worked out.

  • Its All About The Money.. Artist Get Signed To Major Labels For The Cash, Mainstream Success, & The Fame.. Once You Go Mainstream, Your Career As A Great Musician Slowly Dies. Eminem = Better Before He Signed, Got Famous, Crash & Burned, Sellout. 50 Cent = On Top For Awhile Now He’s Floyd Mayweathers Bitch & Doing Commercials With Joan Rivers & A Sellout For The Money. The Game = Not Even Relevant & Trying To Beef With Lil B (LMFAO) Not To Mention Snoop Dogg = One Of The Best West Coast Rappers Of All Time & Original OG But Now He Refers To Himself As Snoop Lion, Makes Fake Raggae Music, Guest Stars On iCarly & Other Gay Shit Like That, & Tries To Hang With Youngin’s Like Wiz Just To Stay Relevant In Hip Hop. Its Only A Matter Of Time Before Kendrick Becomes A Mainstream Bitch Just Like The Rest Of Them. You Fans Are So Blind. Eazy E & Tupac Tried To Expose Dre But No One Listened. Dre Only Uses People To Gain His Own Empire & Fortune. He Doesn’t Give A Fuck About An Artist, Just His Wallet.

  • Actuality

    This isn’t just Dre using Kendrick. He is to a point, but what this commercial is is great advertising. Whoever put it together is using big names and information as the average hip hop listener understands it. We all know who Kendrick is, but most people still do not. This commercial showcases the talent and success that Dre helped introduce to the mainstream and goes on to say Kendrick is the next one. The next Em, the next 50, the next big thing. Mentioning all of these names and relating them with one another will peak peoples interest in Kendrick and even make them more likely to like his music when it is released because they will perceive it as the cool thing to do. This advertisement isn’t about giving the credit to Dre, it is about showcasing Kendrick as the next legend. With that being said, this commercial does have a dual purpose. It does promote Dre and keep his name out there and keeps him relevant, in turn helping with his business (Dre Beats). In my opinion, this is a fantastic advertisement; short, explosive and to the point.