• CAP

    why the hell would this old ass too short looking wannabe think its a good idea to make an album with curren$y? that should would be wack ass fuck..... HENCE PILOT TALK 2

  • quas

    ^@CAP airborne aquarium ... that is all

  • $$$

    Skybourne beat from PT1 was ill.

  • Mike

    ...he was part of Pilot Talk one as well... SKi Beatz is the Audio Dope

  • MacDoober

    this dudes highly overrated, maybe his name is ski beatz cuz all his beats are soft as snow.

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite DJ Lanky White

    Granted Pilot Talk II was pretty weak...but Ski also produced the majority of the first Pilot Talk which was dope as fuck. I'm optimistic about Part III