Your 2Dope Opinion: What’s Your Favorite Jay-Z Performance Track?

blame it on Shake October 6, 2012

With Jay-Z closing out his eight-concert run at the Barclays Center (check back here at 9:30pm EST as we’ll have a stream of the whole show), MTV asked a couple rappers what there favorite Jay-Z song was to hear performed. Check as Tito Lopez, Wale, Diggy, Bow Wow, Fred the Godson, Meek Mill, ?uestlovea and 360 share their thoughts above and hit the c-section with your own. Mine? P.S.A.

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  • xnyles

    Where I’m From.

  • A Bitch

    99 Problems

  • unclesam

    Where I’m From is crazy. Who Gon Stop Me, Otis, Welcome To The Jungle, NiP, HAM all got crazy energy. U Don’t Know is dope, PSA is dope, 99 Problems is dope, Izzo too.

  • E

    lol, you crazy for askin a nigga to chose 1. In no order

    99 problems
    Where I’m From
    Can’t knock the huslte

  • Boss

    His “Diamonds Are Forever” verse. Or PSA. That Diamonds vibe is ill.

  • Moe D

    Where I’m From
    99 Problems

  • Gin TOki

    Jiggaman’s Can I Live II

  • TDC

    Where I’m From or PSA

  • AirMagicMamba

    Beach Chair, Where I’m From, P.S.A., The Dynasty Intro is sick live


    Man Jay’s catalog is so ill I don’t even listen to it because I will hear Jay somewhere sometime by someone or something, but I love BK WE GO HARD.

  • Imaginary Player? has he ever done this live?? Shit would be groovy as fuck

  • you

    Regrets. When he did that live with The Roots it was incredible

  • EndofWatch

    PSA without a doubt

  • Just My Opinion

    My all time favorite Jay-Z track is Dead Presidents II. He has too many other dope records tho. The rest of my top 5 is Never Change, Feeling It, Regrets and Imaginary Player. Allure is a dope one too.

  • silky johnson

    PSA. hands down

  • wereread2def

    Breathe easy!

  • Kalon

    You must love me

  • te

    Can I Live
    Dead Presidents
    Public Service Anouncement

  • ASAP Braden

    PSA or U Don’t know

  • hiphopheadboi

    Okay Where I’m From is dope and all.. but basically it’s just a freestyle over Lupe’s Angels!!!! like am i right or am i right. peace. *drops mic*

  • Unstoppable

    He doesnt’ even do the complete track, but he lets the band play the TAKEOVER beat it’s always so fucking dope

  • curtlsj

    U DONT KNOW hands down!