DNA vs. E-Ness at Summer Madness 2 (Video)

Here's battle number four between DNA and E-Ness at SMACK and URLTV’s Summer Madness 2.

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  • wat

    DNA destroyed him but Ness pretty much killed himself by coming with wack rhymes and acting like a bitch ass fucking baby the entire time.

  • yoman

    no one won this they both were trash

  • Nikky.Noir


    Yessir....this was official trash. I can see how cats will say that DNA won, because for all intensive purposes (when we NEED to choose a winner) he did win.


  • T

    You niggas seriously saying DNA was trash? Did you hear a word he said? Ness quick? How you a monster when you only get niggas locked, Ness? Smh you niggas sleep.

  • Emcee G

    Naw, honestly, that was a trash battle. I couldnt even watch the whole thing. I miss FREESTYLE battles where REAL emcees prosper. Writing 3 long verses about someone with no instrumentation behind it shows no honest battle skill.

  • wat

    ^ Dumbest excuse to call this a trash battle. Just because they aren't coming off the top with weak lines about their opponent's outfit to a random beat doesn't mean this is wack.

  • Seafoamrome

    I agree this was hard to watch. I think some of the rhymes were OK, but the sportsmanship on E. Ness' part and that rude crowd really hampered the impact of a lot of the punch lines. I would have shaken his hand after battle if I was DNA.

    I thought Smack should have put Ness in his place, what was the point of him being there if he can't control the MC's or the crowd? Smack = Jim Lehrer of rap battles.

  • Seafoamrome

    wouldn't have shaken*

  • K.

    Ness throwin a bitch fit cuz the crowd wasnt feeling him. They were both weak. but DNA at least came half decent