Lil Reese – Us (rmx) f. Rick Ross & Drake

blame it on Illy October 8, 2012

The remix of Lil Reese’s street single (which is available on iTunes) appears on Rick Ross’ The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape out later tonight available now.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Reese – Us (rmx) f. Rick Ross & Drake (prod. Young Chop)

  • gt

    i actually liked the og…..not this
    badly put together on they tryna do reese flow but you couldnt get 2 guys that couldn fit that role worse

  • SS

    they should’ve just took drake off this imo

  • Eat A Dick

    Lil Reese is fuckin horrendous! That’s as basic/generic as rappers come omg! Sign me goddamn it sign me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ross and Drake actually make it a little more listenable.

  • ihatejfly

    they usin french montana flow

  • doc rovers

    song was wayyyyyy too long. plus the fact it was wack as shit didnt help. pure ass hook, step your game up rappers 2012 is the year of the half-ass effort

  • Smh

    ^^^^^^^^^ Always niggas hating on a young nigga who getting it! smh

  • malcyvelli

    @smh really bro?like are you deadass right now? how can you defend this simpleton shit? waka could shit a better song than this son, whack dont recognize whack and thats word

  • Yung omelet

    Shoulda had French on here

  • I agree, should have French Montana

  • amazing

    TRACK IS GARBAGE. scrap the beat, make just blaze produce it. scrap ross, reese, and drake, throw kendrick and cole on it.

  • the realest

    the original bang. aint fuckin wit this. and maicyvellii is a nerd. leave, this post aint for you

  • Lance Geneva

    This is better than the original actually.. There’s NO reason that you should like the original, we have Ross & Drake now.. It just shows how good Drake is because he used that limited ass flow and still murked it.. “Only nigga makin’ albums with no fuckin’ filler”.. I also agree with the French addition..

  • the realest

    yall niggaz hatin on the lil nigga. not everything bar gotta filled with bullshit like drake or ross. some times you just need some real shit. drake belongs no where near this track. he throws a bottle at a girl intended for chris brown in the club, and hes a gangster all of the sudden. fuck outta here.

  • lucifer

    this is far from real ya lil young fuks dis shit is fukn horrible dis is the main reason why hip hop is fruity as hell dis bullshit beats and lyrics cmon stop giving dis young kid props he is wak wak wak wak i swear these new nikkas coming out are horrible

  • T9FTW

    That Drake verse was shit. Period.