Rick Ross – The Black Bar Mitzvah (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy October 8, 2012

The artwork and title brought on some hilarious commentary. Now, Rick Ross drops off his latest mixtape featuring Drake, 2 Chainz, Pharrell, Gunplay, Diddy, Rockie Fresh and more. Stream and download it after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – The Black Bar Mitzvah (Mixtape) | Alt 1 | Alt 2

  • Jchrome

    A beat jackin tape??? Boooo that ruins tapes.

  • spencer

    Fuck this Kike Nigga

  • detroit89

    this dude is such a clown. his whole persona is so hilarious because you know he takes himself seriously. he is like one of those guys they would have on celebrity jeopardy

  • koke

    Everybody’s favorite fake rapper. LOL Rick Ross is garbage.

  • koke

    Everybody’s favorite fake rapper. Rick Ross is garbage. LOL

  • FatBoySlim

    “A beat jackin tape???”- This is what mixtapes are, or what they were before artists started putting out albums labeled as mixtapes then the subsequent LP release being sub par in comparison to the mixtape/album.

  • koke

    LOL Everybody’s favorite fake rapper. Rick Ross is garbage.

  • Marr

    Looking forward to hearing mercy and the drizzy track..

  • KING

    My God this looks atrocious. Rick Ross has been fucking horrible ever since Teflon Don.

  • Dashboard

    I can see stalley leaving soon meek turnin into ace hood and wale getting the shit beat out of him cause of his face

  • disdatfiya

    ‘Black Barmitzvah’


  • jose

    Rick Ross is on drakes nuts . Drake has been feeling himself waaaay tooo much . This nigga thinks he gangsta just like Rick Ross does . You aint about that life nigga

  • zlbmrog

    ok this blows…..

  • zachariah

    Yo ROSS! Yo run is over with this shit! You are underwhelming and smaller than you think you are, give it up and get a job at Fat Burger!

  • spencer

    wait a second.. black bar mitzvah.. bible on the dash is a song? I’m assuming its the Tanakh and not the testaments, im not jewish but do they refer to their Tanakh as a bible also?

  • spencer

    also, i skimmed through, listened to a few songs. It’s a really unwhelming effort and I dont know why I waste my time giving these people a chance when Ive never been impressed. I guess I’m just a sucker for boom-bap raps and this trap stuff just doesnt do it for me. I’ll give it a 1/5

  • DX

    Not really a fan, skimmed thru, ehh, have heard much worst.(D4)

  • STC

    This is really just terrible. I feel so much dumber for listening to this.

  • balot

    I’d be okay wit the beat jackin’ if he had just edited out the original verses. While listening, you forget over and over that this is actually ROSS’S tape.

  • amazing


  • LOL

    Straight struggle.

  • sd

  • the realest

    ross dont spit good enough to wanna hear this nigga jack beats. i mean, like 90% of the reason i even listen to ross is for the j.u.s.t.i.c.e. league and the olympicks. and dedication 4 was hard. fuck outta here

  • whateveriguess

    If you go in this expecting SO MUCH from Rick, then you are listening to it wrong. You gotta just not take this dude serious. I can listen to some songs without any expecations. He still is nowhere near good.

  • James Dean

    Oy vey at Ross and his mishegas…He’s a schmuck and a shmendrik

  • Yoo

    not one positive comment lol him and he’s crew got bitched on b.e.t awards . so he turned into a Jew coz nobody likes him hahahahah I wonder what mike Knox gonna do to that MMG chain lol imagine if he takes that shit in jail with him got like 7 years and comes out and sells it like an antique lol mike Knox should take that shit with him fo real tho coz I kno if he sells that shit he will spend all he’s money before going to jail so it’s better to keep it until he gets out so he has some money ayy

  • This shits ok. Get rid of the original verses .Trying to do another Dedication 4. Good luck. More like Saturation 1. Where’s Wale ?

  • p. dom

    I still want to hear “Presidental” as an instrumental. Ross ruined a fresh ass track.

  • $$$

    Matisyahu should’ve gotten a feature with that cover.

  • Matt

    This is straight dog shit

  • Muscle Man


  • put a weezy into a drizzy then put it into a roazy then put it on a rocket then send those fags into space so aliens wud runaway from galaxy

  • bigbootylover

    this dude is such a clown. his whole persona is so hilarious because you know he takes himself seriously. he is like one of those guys they would have on celebrity jeopardy


  • You all just hatin’ because he use to be an ex cop!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that KiD ANT


  • j


  • viewtiful_alan

    The most pointless tape all year. A) Rick Ross can make an entertaining solo project, or an entertaining guest, but I don’t care about him freestyling one bit. B) Leving on the original acts just feels cheap. C) Two of these fucking tracks are already on God Forgives (One minus an ok 2 Chainz verse). What a waste of time

  • Lance Geneva

    SOOO retarded of him to leave the original verses on the songs.. All that does is show how much better the other rappers are.. Don’t get me wrong, I fuck with this nigga Ross hardbody, but this tape ain’t doing it for me.. Luckily, Rich Forever has an extreme amount of replay value.. I don’t see why he would even drop this shit, his buzz is at the maximum right now.. He should’ve just flooded the tape with MMG..

  • andOneill

    Please delete this post, this the worst tape i ever heard, that trip shit needs to stop, who listens to this garbage?????? not one track worth hearin SMH,

  • NoWuff

    @James Dean you right!

    What’s up with all the hatred towards jews in this comment thread… Y’all would be heated if people started talking about ‘niggers’

  • mr carter

    lol aubrey

  • SonictheHogans

    Yo, let’s be real.. Drake got off on that “Us”.. other than that Rick Ross is not the type of rapper where he can get on other people’s beats.. It’s not like he spitting bars like that.. so to hear his nonsense bars on other people’s beats doesn’t do the tape justice.. I kind of agree this mixtape was kind of pointless.. and then he got Peter Rosenburg’s square ass on this shit lol Glad Rockie got some looks on here though..

  • kamu

    Fucking negros love sucking Jewish dick. I don’t Fucking get it specially knowing how these Fucking Jews think of us so called goys.

  • DoubleClutch95

    Why this f*** n**** leave Kayne’s & 2 Chainz’s verse on Mercy!? Who does a mixtape like that???

  • JRizzle

    On my life I played the 1st track, and instantly started listening to a DJ Screw album, because I needed to actually hear some real nigga shit. Gahhhhlee this nigga Ross is a First 48 mystery.