BET Hip Hop Awards’ Grand Hustle Cypher w/ T.I., B.o.B., Trae Tha Truth, Iggy Azalea & Chip (Video)

blame it on Meka October 9, 2012

The BET Hip Hop Awards doesn’t air until tonight (October 9th) at 8pm, but as a sneak peek the network has let loose the entire Grand Hustle freestyle segment a few hours early. UPDATE: Check the rest of the cyphers here.

  • Juicy-G


  • id

    wack ass shit

  • wood

    lol i always try to give trae tha truth a chance but i gotta try too hard just to understand what that nigga is saying

  • How It Go

    Trae put in work; killed it.

  • Johnson Barnes

    igggy, i dig it.

  • koke

    LOL @ that London shit

  • lilkandy

    lol @Juicy-G exactly what I did after I saw this.

  • hand grustle

    hate all y’all like but TIPs verse was dope.

  • randomguy

    Check out BOB’s hairline tho! lol

  • LDN

    iggy sounds nothing like an auzzie, not that i know a ton, but ive met a few, rap in your accent and less like minaj.

    Chip – dope as usual.

  • Manc

    Chipmunk sucks. Lowkey lyrically left his ass bleeding, I am surprised at how many weak ass artist there are on Grand Hustle. I had high hopes for BOB but he fell off.

  • LDN

    Chip has bars, but he’s flamboyant w/ it. If you expect anyone to fuck lyric for lyric w/ an Emcee like Lowkey, you’re asking a lot. I think if you’re looking for a UK artist to blow in the States, Wretch 32 is him.

  • the greek

    What type of representation is this for Grand Hustle at a cypher? Are they fu*king kidding me?
    Is killer mike still on the label?

    It should have been Dro, T.I., Killer Mike, Trae the Truth, and Spot

  • TRU

    Oh man, Killer Mike would have killed this!

  • nikki

    Didn’t tip just sign the omg girlz well grand hustle would’ve had a better chance of him droand them lil girls in the cypher

  • bladaoh

    shoulda got doughboyz cashout on this bitch

  • deaddeaddead

    This whole cyph was wack as fuck
    Trae: average. I’d say was the best in this one
    Chip: I’m from London and why the fuck did BET let him anywhere near this? Should of had someone else reppin
    Iggy: Can’t say I expected much
    B.O.B: once again, average. Nuttin special
    T.I: Still spittin about materials? All I heard was car manufacturers and how much stacks he got.

    Shittest cypher out of all of em

  • diamond

    deaddeaddead ^ weak…

    Iggy dominatessss! GrandHustle HustleGang GDOD

  • krow132

    “Im a rap fan, im going to say everything is wack in hopes that you’ll take me serious. Im also going to name some rappers nobody has heard off in hopes of upping my credibility” lol cornballs.

    Anyway, felt everyone was nice but B.O.B. had the weakest verse. Didn’t like when he switched flows.

    Bout only thing I agree with yall on is that Killer Mike would have went ham on it.

    Iggy Azaelea has one of the most unique if not the most unique delivery out of every chick rhyming right now. She can improve on the bars but the delivery and style makes her dope to me.

    first time hearing Chip, dude killed his verse.

    Trae has always been fuckin nice, I swear I dont know what yall be listening to.

    Ab Soul is my favorite verse out of the whole cypher though

  • Rio$

    Iggy Azalea umm :(

  • joejoedc

    Na Iggy good as shit she will surprise you watch. but she be falling get her a routine style or take off them heels