Dee-1 – The Focus Tape (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka October 9, 2012

The dopehouse is proud to co-present the latest project from New Orleans spitkicker Dee-1, withthe likes of Mannie Fresh, Murs, Juvenile, Killer Mike, Mos Def, Rapper Big Pooh and many more popping up at the party. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Dee-1 – The Focus Tape (Mixtape)

  • Complacent

    i just don’t get it dude tries to hard to be deep and conscious shit don’t work with southern artist and nawlins accent makes it less believeable

  • Scotty Atl

    Lots of potential but he’ll never blow though

  • realtalk™

    That’s kind of ignorant to say.. he does have a very strong accent but he’s a good artist, there’s plenty of rappers that don’t have an accent but also don’t have shit to say..

    If you listen to rap just for how it sounds I really don’t see why you would be commenting on this..

  • Dibiase84

    With exceptions of a few tracks, this Mixtape isn’t bad at all…son actually has something to say..

  • Ant

    dope. Dope indeeeeed!

  • Defineitly a good brother right here and his music is refreashing.

  • mahogani

    so southern artists or artists with accents can’t be deep? are you even listening beyond the accent?

    anyway, i think the overall project is dope and a new vibe that hip-hop needs right now. salute dee-1

  • SayGrit

    Fiyyah!! I HOPE THEY HEAR YOU!!!

  • $$$

    It’s 2012 though. Step your album art game up.

  • Aremac

    Damn, from accents to artwork muhfuggaz always have something to say, smh. I can understand ‘Complacent’ to a degree. I’m from New Orleans, first, and i fucks with Dee-1. I can understand how you can’t get past a certain accent or sound if it’s weird to you, E-40 is my prime example of that. There are a lot of people that would say i’m fuckin crazy for not gettin down with E-40, but his sound is just whack to me, so on that front, i feel you. But to say that southern artists can’t be deep or intellectual is dumb and ignorant as fuck on your part.