Fat Joe – Instagram That Hoe f. Rick Ross & Juicy J

blame it on Illy October 9, 2012

*Corpse Stare*

DOWNLOAD: Fat Joe – Instagram That Hoe f. Rick Ross & Juicy J
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  • veesky

    Just the title alone made me do the “corpse stare”, lol

  • rehgwq

    fat joe always been follower ass trendy rapper. no artistic value

  • ricky

    this “……all on my…..”flow needs to fucking stop.

  • …this nigga is NOT SERIOUS right now. What the fuccckkkkk!?

  • e

    This dude is supposed to be an OG of hip hop?
    yeah fuckin right. knew there was a reason i dont care this clown seriously

  • The only reason I even clicked on this song is to hear how clownin’ Juicy J went in on it and he didn’t even have a verse, fck this song…… #WeBeTheTeam

  • T-Virus

    Come on Fat Joe, you’re like 40 and you make a song about instagram ?

  • T9FTW

    Being around young niggas, older rappers be acting young. Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross and Jay-Z especially.

    Juicy J, say “wave” again, say it one mo time…!

  • T9FTW

    Really though, The Darkside, Vol 1 was his last good album. “No Country for Old Men,” “Instagram That Ho,” nor “Pride N Joy” gave me any type of hope whatsoever. *Kanye shrug* I’m done.

  • Your Father

    Okay, so LL drop that piece of A Grade garbage – Ratchet and then Fat Joe drops this?! The vets are clearly losing lately.

  • Jules

    Word @Your Father. I’m not even gonna listen to this. Joey, what the fuck?

  • kamu

    From the shit is real to this shit is real Fucking wack. His D.I.T.C. membership is permanently revoked after this fuckery.

  • NICE

    Juicy kills the hook, and rozay drops “diamonds all in my Jesus”

  • AAA

    hes desperate this is just sad. no substance

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Old Juicy J > C.O. Ross > Slim Joe

    “Stay Trippy” coming soon!