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blame it on Illy October 9, 2012

Gunplay raps about his criminal ways on his latest leak before surrendering to law enforcement officials for outstanding warrants against him for armed robbery and assault charges earlier today. Envy, Yee, and Charlamagne spoke on the news earlier today on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Ironic much?

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  • bigbootylover

    Either William aint looking after his artists, It’s an old old charge or he was desperate for a quick fix and went out and robbed an ol lady.

    Rumor has it when he was caught slipping at the BET awards he told William he was going to the toilet but went outside for some you know what and William is pissed at him.

  • koke

    This guy is still doing interviews after he got his ass whooped by G-Unit smh

  • Jonesy Stark

    Trill talk, this joint ride though

  • free gunplay, did 50 snitch on him

  • wfweef

    what beat is this?

  • Lucifer

    O my FUKN god dis nikka shouldnt even be rapping u dam drug junky u a feen homie LMAO dis dude is total garbage and who cares if this asshole locked up what he do rob a crak head hahaha. Why nikkas even giving dis fake nikka props what a shame

  • dmac

    gunplay held his own against 5 dudes. At the end of the scuffle he was chasing them down. He sucks as a rapper, but I respect how he took that.


    50 a fucking snitch. police always protecting his ass. surprised ricky wasnt over there beating his own artist’s ass for the money.

  • Wu Tang

    and there we go with that “snitch shit” damn yall mmg fans cant take a L. Gunplay did a lot of videos dissing the G Unit and sayind he would beat 50 cent but when they jump him its bad? nigga we in da rap shit everything is bad.

  • Bloodshed

    why the hate on Gunplay? He is a real dude trying to be himself and make it