• http://twitter.com/officialjckush JC KU$H

    Talib Kweli?

  • arjay

    lol talib! dope

  • yo

    Damn, when did those three get dope all the sudden?

  • 1dopeboy

    I thought that Lil Twist went thru puberty & started doing his best Talib Kweli impression. But, by the end of the song, I was like, where's Wayne & Chris? 2BD troll'd the hell outta us.

  • T9FTW

    Man, when did Chris Brown start singing like THAT? lol

  • Mike Tomlin

    Tryin see how many ppl hit Nope without listening to the song I see...

    If people used the site correctly this would get the most Dopes of any Lil Twist, Wayne and CB song ever posted.

  • @MikeTomlin

    teach ur dirty players how to tackle correctly

  • cam p

    the clubs gonna eat this up wayne should have kept this joint for his own album

  • js

    damn, good shit.

  • mike

    lol this just goes to show you people don't even listen to music before passing Judgement

  • http://twitter.com/SmokeLuciano Vic D

    Dawg I thought Lil' Twist hit puberty and started spittin

  • T-Dot

    LOL did 2dopeboyz upload the wrong song???!!!

  • T-Dot

    nvm.. lol

  • randy

    the thumbs down from clown ass niggas who thought it was lil wayne is just proof that the clowns on this site dont listen to music. thats why i dont trust niggas on this site nor value their opinions on hip hop

  • Lil Twist’s Mom

    worst rapper ever

  • Thinker

    ^ maybe its nope from the people who were expecting wayne

  • HMMM?

    lol did they troll everyone or just upload the wrong song?

    this isn't flowerz but did they do this on purpose to prove the dope/nope meter is bs?

  • greg focker

    @HMMM? either way they proved the dope/nope meter is bs

  • randy

    DAMN hating 2db bitch ass bloggers EXPOSED

  • Mikael

    Haha, this is Get Your Way (Sex As A Weapon) from the Man With The Iron Fists-soundtrack! Well, that soundtrack still has a perfect track record for dope songs.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    how are we "exposed" though? ahh... nevermind. the real song has been edited. pardon the mistake. carry on with y'all conspiracy theories and other shit...

  • ff

    ^ the mistake, whether accidental or not, just reinforces that that the hipster lames of 2db dont judge music they just decide whether a song is good or not based on who is on the song.

  • doc rovers

    i pressed "nope" before i heard the song. then i heard it. and i wanted to "nope" it again

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    @ff that makes more sense.
    i took it as if people were saying I or anyone that works on the site was messing with the counter. which we never have.

  • sto