Shyne Speaks On Everything He Has A Problem With… Including His Voice (Video)

blame it on Meka October 9, 2012

If you have the time to listen to this epic Shyne rant, please do. He hates Diddy and Rick Ross, he hates his voice, he’s more Jewish than Drake… aw man.

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  • CAPO

    Officer Ricky should have been kicked out the industry a long time ago The kids who support him are to blame for the state of hip hop

  • los

    why isnt this the RAofF for this week meka lmao

  • Complacent

    What’s RAofF about the truth?

  • dh

    fuck off shyne. fans of music dont care about rappers personal lives, let alone the jobs they had as teenagers. that doesnt make ross a co. you sound hurt my nigga.

    2pac used to strip on stage and hump blow up dolls and was a ballerina.

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  • leftBRAIN

    Shyne deserves respect..values in the game has changed to shit its what you look like not what u stand for nowadays

  • realtalk

    I ride wit Shyne on this one. hands down. lames tryna sweep shit under the rug.

  • greg focker

    shyne your music sucks. thats why people dont care youre jewish. when drake made hyfr the video was good and the song was too, people are cosigning judaism they are just appreciating an entertaining video. music fams dont gaf who you pray to nigga, get over yourself

  • R

    Shyne was speaking that RealTalk but that Gangland Mixtape sucks i hope he gets his old sound and style back!

  • NeSS

    im wit shyne on most of what he says…mad repetitive but he right

  • real

    Shyne!!!! Real SHITTTTTTT

  • j

    shyne so real just need a few voice lessons

  • real talk

    real talk so many rappers ride wit ricky the fake i dont get it RT shyne. ps this bitch dum as fuk dont understand anytng