• http://JDiablo.com Wally West

    Rapsody > Nicki Minaj

  • herry

    ^ruined a nice article with insecure bitch shit. nice going asshole.

  • EricDean

    Rapsody = Leader of the Underground. Her lyrical ability is up there with K. Dot and J. Cole. I love the fact that she doesn't compromise, and her music is consistently geared to enhance the culture. Much respect.

  • dave

    Anyone else finds her cute??she's has some nice eyes an lips reminds me of some chick.but yeah good looks on the source feature really talented lady

  • Alkaline

    Dope article on a Dope emcee. I've got her dope mixtapes and ordered her debut cd. I know it'll be Dope too. Support good music yall!!!!!!!!!!!!