Wiz Khalifa Finishing Up Cabin Fever 2

To many fans excitement, Wiz took to his Twitter to announce that the sequel to 2011's Cabin Fever is done and being mixed. No word on a release date, but hopefully it's sooner than later.

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  • Johnny

    Cabin fever was waaaay better than his album. Imo

  • unclesam

    Cabin Fever was fucking garbage. Rolling Papers too, but that doesn't make Cabin Fever ANY better.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Kush & OJ > Cabin Fever > Taylor Allderdice > Rolling Papers

    Shit some of his real old stuff is better than Rolling Papers.

  • cap

    anyone see wayne kissing stevie j? wtf knew he was gay

  • waitingtoolong

    1 question: Where the fuck is Live in Concert?

  • red

    K&OJ > Flight School > BAR > Star Power > POTC 2 > Show & Prove > POTC > Grow Season > Cabin Fever

    Taylor Allderdice and Rolling Papers don't even make the list.

  • Pretty obvious he needed a mixtape to hold over until ONIFC.

  • Wonton Soup

    Cosign @Red haha I actually 100% agree with that order as well

  • MusicHead

    NO ..it go Kush&OJ, Taylor Allderdice, Cabin Fever, Flight ScHool , Bar, Star Power, POTC 2, Show & Prove, POTC, Grow Season, THEN Rolling Papers.

    Y'all niggas don't know shit .

  • kongaman

    MusicHead is totally correct.

  • nah

    nah man. taylor allderdice shouldnt be that high on the list. its not his worst shit, but its definitely not better than kushxoj, flight school, POTC2 , BAR, or cabin fever.

  • nah

    if you ask me wiz's top 3 albums are

    1. Kush x OJ
    2. Flight School
    3. Cabin Fever.

  • get money ho

    fuck the haters wiz b running it

  • JWill

    Cabin Fever for me personally is what made me a fan of Wiz, then I listened to everything else he released and I was disappointed. I'm curious on what type of sound he'll have on that...

  • quas

    wiz will never exceed the classic mixtape that is kush x oj. Top 3 mixtapes of all time and I still bump it to this day

  • Gozer

    whatever happened to live in concert? I'm not gonna get impatient about free music I'm just wondering if I imagined that or what

  • Cabin Fever 2 will be released tomorrow on Oct the 15th. Check Wiz Khalifa's twitter.


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