50 Cent Rocks Gunplay’s Chain While Bowling (Video)

blame it on Illy October 10, 2012

After getting jumped by G-Unit soldiers during the BET Hip Hop Awards 2012, 50 Cent managed to get a hold of Gunplay’s MMG chain (via one of the G-Unit goons who took it during the scuffle) and rocked it to go bowling in this latest clip released by Curtis. Gunplay is currently in police custody after outstanding warrants against him for armed robbery.

  • CAPO

    That thing looks cheap as hell Fatboy probably didnt spend much on it lol

  • johnnytarr

    why does he have to wait until gunplay goes to jail to actually show it off?

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    That nigga rocking it when Gunplay goes to jail, that’s some bitch shit, and plus he didn’t even take it his security (“soldiers”) took the chain, and he act like Gunplay won’t get another MMG chain.

  • wassup

    @johnnytarr You Mad? Cuz your favorite group MMG and Officer Ricky are at there downfall now? his run and mmg’s run is over nigga. give it up fuck boy. 50 is winning now!!

  • johnnytarr

    @wassup i actually can’t stand a single member in MMG im just saying why does 50 have to wait until the day gunplay is locked up to actually break out the chain his goons jacked for him

  • wassup

    @johnnytarr now everyone has an excuse that 50 is getting his buzz back. DIDNT EVERYONE IN THE HIP-HOP WORLD SAY THEY WANT THE OLD 50 CENT BACK? well now you guys got it. He’s back on his i dont give a fuck shit…….

  • MrWill

    This is no indication that 50 is “back.” Fif has always specialized in this type of fuckery (see Ja, see Ross, see Khaled etc.). I don’t dig 50’s music anymore, but I’ll confess that I’d never enter a rap beef with him. He always makes it personal, he aims below the belt and never misses. Gunplay lookin’ corny now.

  • Magic

    Gunplay always looks corny. 50 always looks corny. Nothing has changed.

  • justenjoythisshit

    hahahahaha 50 owned that fool

  • j

    50 cent is the farthest from winning, he’s old as shit and washed all the way up. He’s done. Neither Ross nor Gunplay is done. As much as niggas hate on MMG they are on top of the game. May not mean much but it’s true. 50 is embarrassing himself and it’s sad. His music outdated, so is his style on gimmicks but i’ll still bump his first album.

  • leftBRAIN

    Take it back to 05…GGGGG-UNIT! LOL

  • koke

    It’s not like he’s showing it off. Anyways 50 now is going after that wack ass French Montana.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    French Montana was exactly right about 50, all these beefs over the years have resulted in him making less and less music, I don’t even remember a song being made from 50 when he was beefing with Ross, but I remember Mafia Music, Maybach Music 2, Valley of Death, & Magnificent, put anyway you want it musically 50 Cent lost, and according to you hipsters that’s the only thing that matters right?

  • Frylock

    this nigga j said gunplay aint done. boi gunplay been done you probably the only nigga in 12ft block radius of fuck niggas still listenin to that coke head. ross ain’t shit neither. 50 may be in the decline but for ross to be more popular, 50 still sells more records than he does. lmao

  • koke

    Who is French Montana to talk about 50 Cent and selling records? He’s wack as fuck he’ll never sell even a 1/4 of the records 50 has sold.

  • facts

    “for ross to be more popular, 50 still sells more records than he does. lmao”

    Nigga. Who do you think you’re fooling? 50 can’t even get a record released! He’s THAT washed up- he’s been fighting for YEARS and the label STILL won’t drop his shit. There’s no way he could possibly sell more than Rick Ross right now, because he can’t even get an album into stores! He’s DEAD!

    Since the “beef”, 50 Cent has released one album (BISD) which flopped horribly and effectively left him irrelevant. Other than that, he’s had to release his next album as a free mixtape TWICE! It’s pathetic!

    Since the “beef”, Rick Ross has done 3 solo albums, 2 compilation albums, 5 mixtapes, and he’s started a record label that makes the tattered remnaints of G-Unit look like a bad joke.

    Who won?

  • 50 got millions and investments but he’s far from winning… ok

  • Frylock

    @facts BISD came out in 09 still sold more than deeper than rap which came out in 09. ross way popular than 50 and he couldn’t surpass what 50 sold that year and 50 was heavy in the decline.

    since the BEEF 50 started his own film company, boxing promoting company, started a headphone line, a new energy drink, & wrote a bestseller book. so lets be straight here who’s “really” winning. ross can’t doesn’t even have enough money do any of that shit. MMG look like a bad joke when none of the members besides ross can’t even go gold. whens the last time triple c’s or wale went platnium oh that right NEVER, whens the last time the self made compilation sold more than beg for mercy???…… NEVER. haha.


    @ Facts what the fuck are you talking about and who the fuck are you talking about homie, aint Ross the same nigga that put out 10 fucking singles before anything blew up off this last album, didnt even have a stand out track These Niggas trying to hold me back, nice try. Niggas be full of shit, to support these lame ass niggas. He may have taken a break because of the fact that he was shooting movies, but unless your head was under a fucking rock its a go. November 13th. That fucking Ross album got pushed back hellas. 50 SK mixtape, Then Top of Jan Big Ten, The fucking Gangsta Grills Lost Tapes, 5 murder by numbers, all of which he shot a video for on his own. Niggas bitching up because gunplay who supposed to be a real street cat ran up on a bunch of people in a group and got his ass stomped. He wearing that nigga chain, they know where its at, not to mention that everyone of his record label members was hanging out with 50, so what does that say about this so called boss. You niggas getting yall panties in a bunch like yall live with these niggas

  • j


  • Wu Tang

    Dont blame fake rappers, blame the fake fans. How can you say mmg real ?

  • facts

    1) 50 Cent has never written a bestseller. None of his books have even come close to the list.

    2) SMS has never made a profit, and is being stomped into the ground by Beats By Dre.

    3) Nobody in the entire world actually drinks SK.

    4) Beg For Mercy?


    You really are pathetic, aren’t you? U still have that G-Unit jockstrap from 10 years ago, too? Lmao kid, most of the dudes on that tape don’t even fuck with 50 anymore! Buck and Banks told him to go suck a dick! We’re talking about where they are NOW, not where they were a decade ago! And NOW, 50 Cent is DEAD! Can’t even release his OWN album, much LESS a compilation! Every other NY rapper is just pissing on 50’s grave right now, laughing about how corny and weak he is!

  • Killaaa

    ahahaha 50 is that dude

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @AKOFTEAM8OTY What the fuck are you talking about, 50’s single didn’t even make the charts, and the only reason he put out so many mixtapes is because he can’t put an album out, Rich Forever & god Forgive I Don’t are better than anything 50 has put out since Before I Self Destruct, and because Meek take one picture with 50, all of a sudden the whole MMG is hanging with 50, shut you dumbass up.

  • facts

    @ AK

    Yup, Ross’s shit got pushed back for almost 6 months! And 50’s has been pushed back for almost THREE YEARS! HAHA!

    There wasn’t a single good track on any of those mixtapes, and this dumb washed up bitch was trying to say it was album material! He’s dead in the water! Nobody is EVER going to listen to 50 Cent again!

  • Killaaa

    lol @ facts and other dudes getting butt hurt. this is hilarious and you all know it.

  • AKofteam80ty

    his single didnt make the charts huh, you niggas lying through your fucking teeth, the next day after dropping his shit the niggas was number 3 on the Charts behind Mercy, and other shit that was out at that time. Right after that they gave that nigga his release date homie get ya fucking facts weight up, and right after that his shit hit a decline but is still in the billboard top 200, you cant decline if you werent on the charts in the first place homeboy. There was a video being shot for New Day then the Chris lighty shit happened and the video wasnt shot, aint shit buts facts like homeboys name, so go look the shit up. Nigga Ross is the only nigga that goes gold and never goes anywhere after that. Then you can get yo ass checked too with yo dumbass, because when the Ray J and Fab shit popped off after the Floyd fight Meek was there, not to mention that he was going to get his ass signed by 50 or T.I. all Im saying is real recognize real, and your panties are in a bunch too I see. But hurt ass niggas, I aint jocking neither side, but I know real when I see it homie and I aint gonna cry about another nigga gettin his ass disrespected that I dont know. Nigga ran to the radio stations talking all shit and got his ass thrown and tossed around, fuck outta here and wake the fuck up

  • Wu Tang

    @J “new day” but let me say this his mixtapes gets love. His mixtape always on some grimmy gangsta shit. boy dont be sad that your mmg crew is fake ass hell just leave it.


  • AKofteam80ty

    “Man my grandmama gave me that chain”, wow, thats how you niggas sounding like he took yo shit, Im done,

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @AKofteam80ty, either way you put it New Day is a flop and it gets no radio play, Meek was signed to Grand Hustle, and you’re saying Meek was at the Mayweather fight, but that don’t mean he was hanging with 50, MGK & 2 Chainz was at the awards show, not a radio station dumbass, when G-Unit failed at jumping Gunplay, that don’t mean they was hanging with them

  • Wu Tang

    niggas was wearing all g unit back in the day and sucking 50 cent dick and now they act like that shit aint never happend. Just like that shit with Wu Tang or DMX. They dont give a fuck but back in the day they would suck dick for a handshake from them

  • Kill

    Wu Tang and DMX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50

  • j

    niggas is trippin. He stole gunplay chain with six other niggas. It would be hard not to beat the nigga ass and gunplay still caught one dude. Ross don’t make the best music and the nigga may be fake but he still way more poppin than 50. 50 time is up, this ain’t gonna help him sell or make him a real nigga. If he squared up with gunplay, beat his ass, and had at least half the sales that he use to have it would be whole different story but that’s not the case. He need to just focus on makin music again and get back to makin NY hits

  • AKofteam80ty

    Meek was with 50 nem behind the scenes at the Mayweather fight, because he also had his side of what happened, and his side and 50 side seemed the realest of the storys that were out.

  • AKofteam80ty

    You niggas hear somebody say something and dont even take the time to go look it up, just argue about, but Im not gonna argue with you butt hurt ass over another fake ass nigga chain. Also who has the sales they used to have, when all niggas do is sit back and blog about numbers that they didnt contribute too. The only mafucka selling milli after milli is Eminem. Cased closed. Ross is a fake ass nigga that knows how to craft music, I listen to his shit, just not as much because his shit sounds the same anymore, and always superloaded with features. Im not loyal to one side like I’m on peoples payrolls. Niggas taking shit to the heart

  • that just happened

    “who has the sales they used to have”

    Rick Ross

  • AKofteam80ty

    yep cause the 170 to 200 k is the bench mark for everything that he is done, call me when homeboy hits the million that a ton of other artist with significant status have captured. Its like Iverson balling his ass off but never getting a ring. Again Im done.

  • that just happened

    As opposed to Flip Murray, coming out hard as hell right at the beginning and then failing miserably, worse and worse, for the entire rest of your career? I’ll take Iverson, kid.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @AKofteam80ty nigga New Day was #79 on the charts not #3 you probably thought niggas wasn’t gonna look that shit up, the highest that record has reached on the charts #17, and for your question “who has the sales they used to have”, Lil Wayne & Kanye West, and 50 tried to beef with both of them and ended up losing when it came to record sales.

  • AKofteam80ty

    take Iverson, homie, it wasn’t a shot, cause I like that nigga, but do you at the end of the day think niggas would respect Lebron if he never got his ring. He got his shit, so to stay on topic hit me up when Ross goes platnum, though he should have been there with all the features he has. 50 talks alot of shit, but at the end of the day in the books you will see. 13 million, 10 million, 8 million, so on and so forth. Jay never started out with millions, but his shit went up, instead of down. Kanye sales went up, T.I. sales went up, Ross, stagnant at gold. Hell even Jeezy has been there,

  • j

    Ross got drake weezy diddy meek, french.. everyone whos having a hot moment behind him, I bet he wanted to sign 2 chainz too jus to keep jim propped up and relevant lol.

    50 is just 50 he got some cool joints on the mixtapes but he doesnt know how to choose the best tracks, hell dre could help a nigga out but he lost his damn mind too with thousand tracks recorded for detox lol.

    for 50 the bar is set higher so even if he sell better than most people its considered a flop so he didn’t rush to release anything but like hes trying too hard it would be like jay-z trying to go double platinum again

  • Chopper

    50 tried to beef with both of them and ended up losing when it came to everything

    fixed ^

  • huh?

    rick ross isn’t doing nothing 50 hasn’t already done.. except the number of records 50 has sold.. but do you think ross will sell a book? headphones? get into films? You don’t think 50 could easily afford to sign new acts that are already popping? 50 put on his homies.. and they were doing it for a while. but the music game, is a fad game.. and trap music is popping. thats ross’s style, 50 aint doing no trap music.. still don’t think none of that has to do with gunplay and 50 wearing his chain? ha

  • Dan

    I still, to this day, have faith in 50. No, he’s not washed up. He’s inconsistent. There is a difference, gentleman. Don’t act like his mixtape game is off. Hell, he even tried to cater to his old fans with BISD (including a track with Em, mind you) after that mainstream debacle known as Curtis, and y’all still ridicule him as if he’s worse than MMG, YMCMB, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, French Montana, etc.. I call bullshit. I could listen to just 3-5 tracks off of any recent 50 mixtape, and they still bang more than an entire album from these “new generation radio rappers.” I’ll even proudly say to my grave that 50 Cent’s music today beats out Wayne’s Carter IV in every way.

  • Wu Tang

    Freddie Gibbs ft. 50 Cent – Rob me a nigga rmx

  • AirMagicMamba

    This shit make me wanna go watch The Boondocks when Riley get his chain jacked

  • the realest

    yeah that nigga straight trippin wit thst iverson shit. fuck not having a ring. rather have the respect and knowing that i did it MY way and on my own. but thats just me. all some of yall niggaz care about is material possessions to validate yourselves. like some females.

    and 50 a straight bitch. fuck outta here. cant tell me nothing. i know his kind. i’d rock with ross before 2quarters. the nigga snitched on murder inc. (real niggaz). and public perception and image (and snitching) wiped one of the best labels out the game. cuz of niggaz following this clown and the show he puts on.

    dude is just a grimey ass muthfucka that came up and had lloyd banks write his lyrics. fuck outta here. since when did the grimy-snake muhthafuckas and snitches become hornorable? grimy niggaz stab you in the back and secretly hate and spend their time tryna scheme on you. the fuck hood you come from where grimy is honored? oh, the internet. and rap music.

    only reason 50 can operate how he does is bcuz he came up and is sitting on couple hundred mills, and theres alot of hungry niggaz that would put in some work for some bread. but thats thanks to dre and eminem. and in da club. seriously, what has 50 done on his own? besides snitch? NOTHING. go ahead and “respect the one that got shot.”

  • C

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddd we’ve jumped back to 06-07 where niggas talk heavy about album sales and who “lost”.

    Last time I checked, you need a fight first before somebody loses and record sales never meant someone was more “hot” in the download era. Especially when people can sell out a countrywide tour off a mixtape. All I see is a bunch of artists staving for attention.

    having said all that I hate all three of these people, but it’s clear as day.

    As of right now (buzz)
    Ross > French > Most Rap Artists > Fifty

    As of right now (success)
    Fifty > Ross > French

    50 just isn’t cool any more his fad has passed. Plus he’s the type of guy who will wait until he is certainly the smartest nigga in the room before opening his mouth. I hate that.

    Ross would need to beg jigga to tour for the rest of his artery clogged life to near Fiddy’s success. I doubt Ross has even left the US. Fiddy, in his prime, could sell out any major arena on this planet (no-homo). To further this Fifty rarely had features on the album. Ross needs the latest XXL mag, on some window-shopping for rappers shit, before he makes an album.

    They’re all fuckboys really. But all this talk of Ross somehow being a better man because he’s hot right now…is bullshit. As bullshit has Fifty not accepting his time has passed.

  • hesaidit

    ” rick ross isn’t doing nothing 50 hasn’t already done.. except the number of records 50 has sold ”

    not to mention.. vitamin water money?
    can you picture ross selling water? HA..
    Movies with major movie stars?
    Music aint bringing in no money compared to the deals 50 making..

  • lnotastantho

    lool hhahahah 50 haters are mad lol hahahahha 50 owning ur little bitch made ass niggas doesnt he? last decade he be hurting ur arts and ur feelings u punk ass niggas..nobody had made a better album then get rich or dy trying after it came out so all u motherfcuekrs stfu…tell me an album that came after that is better than that album u fuck boys…50 has more money then whole mmg crew put together and moltuplied by 5

  • Ryan

    Alright people do your research
    Ross and most of MMG have more buzz than 50 Obviously. But what is this argument even about? Record sales or money? 50 won record sales back a while ago for sure and money? 50 is killing it more than most rappers you hear on the radio. Quality of music? 50 still brings it, just doesn’t sell as much. Buzz? Ross/MMG wins. Maybe 50 doesn’t care about the buzz as much as he used to. He’s said in interview he likes to bring up the little homies into the game while Ross picks the hottest. Also about beef with kanye. There was none. It was a business move done by both to raise record sales. That’s my .02

  • Ken

    50 Sucks but thats Dope

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    This that nigga just say nobody made a better album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ are you serious? Tha Carter II, Tha Carter III, Teflon Don, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Thank Me Later, Encore, Paper Trail, Take Care, King, T.I. VS. T.I.P., Section 80, The Documentary, LAX, and I could keep going on, I swear G-Unit fans are the dumbest fans in Hip-Hop history.

  • da_1_real_zoe

    don’t worry 50 what goes around comes around! niggas think 50 can’t be touched but one day 50 will not have any bodyguards by his side and a nigga is going to drop his bitch ass.

  • freshyboi

    LOL @ tha carter 3 being better than GRODT! must be a girl

  • Joe

    lol at that stupid ass up there that said all those albums were better than GRODT.. none of those were CLASSICS u are definitely smoking crack