angel haze – Werkin’ Girls (Video)

blame it on Meka October 10, 2012

One of the main singles from angel’s Reservation gets the visual treatment.

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  • Jetta MANNNN!

    soo heard her on the cypher.. officially take her more serious.

  • Genesis

    I wanna fuck her….. *Shrugs*


    i thought the cypher was wack but this isn’t bad

  • boner

    No tits… no ass… face, meh… so I can’t really mute this…

  • willmofo

    When she appeared on the BET cypher, it said she was from Detroit. I never heard of her until last night!

  • j

    All females sound the same, beat choices are always whack too

  • s

    does anyone else think her name sounds like the name a porn star would have?

  • ayo

    sorry to say it but the girl needs a boob job asap… cant have a concave chest in this game

  • yallsuck

    A lot of these comments are fucking stupid.

  • jayjay24

    Wow…these comments are the epitome of female degradation in hiphop. Every track I’ve heard from her thus far has been on point (bars and melody – peep her covers of Drake songs). She destroyed everyone in the BET cypher and yet we still reduce her to body parts….Shes KILLING all of your favourite rappers lyrically and she can hold a note! I’m real excited for Angel Haze – definitely my favourite rapper at the moment. I just hope the rest of the hiphop community can see past her physical attributes and recognize the raw fucking talent she has to offer.