Joe Budden – Put It Down f. Lil Wayne & Tank (prod. T-Minus)

blame it on Illy October 10, 2012

First leak off No Love Cost mixtape. Shouts to Splash.

  • inside information

    the beat sounds almost identical to free spirit

  • CAPO

    Would have been better without Wayne

    I don’t get why Joey would do this

  • Tom

    Shit sounded better when he played it live….

  • Some Guy

    “No Love Cost”? Really Shake? It’s “No Love Lost” and that’s his album. This track is off of his upcoming MIXTAPE “A Loose Quarter.”


    average and i hate wayne but his verse wasnt that bad

  • j

    them ‘im on one’ sounds

  • Kels

    Shit is dope. I agree with WUTANGFAN about Wayne, I hate him but his verse was tolerable. Why they take Twiata off it tho?

  • Magic

    Bout time for you to make another beat, T-Minus. I know, you’ll have to spend upwards of a whole hour on your craft, and that’s apparently much too much to ask, but hey, at least you’ll be able to copy and paste it all around the entire industry for another fucking year.

  • Johnson Barnes

    weak as fuck. beat is annoying too.

  • Jules

    C’mon son.

  • T-Dot

    Beat is INSANE

  • A-MO

    how is this weak

  • Nyc22

    What a fucking sellout! Budden… what the fuck?

  • Nyc22

    They should take the words “Mood Muzik Entertainment” off of the artwork. This is most definitely NOT Mood Muzik. “Hollywood” Budden. What a clown.

  • who cares

    Holy fuck this is awful. I can’t even finish it. Beat is whack. Budden’s first verse is whack. Had to stop it after that whack ass hook came one. C’mon Budden.

  • Mandingo

    Aye yo what happened to A Loose Quarter? Name change?

  • apples

    Man, Joe always seemed like the natural leader of Slaughterhouse (and my personal favorite solo). So when I heard th album, I was definitely worried that the pop styling would spill over and affect their solo work… and I was worried most of all that the “new direction” was coming from Joe, especially after seeing the “fuck the fans, I like to take shits” video.

    And all my fears have just been confirmed. This is absolutely terrible, and apparently Joe Budden has finally sold out. Have a great day, ladies and gentlemen, it’s over. This is the sound of things to come.

  • DC

    This track is TOUGH!

  • KeaT$$$$$$$$$$

    Joe Budden previewed this song wit wayne far before the first realese date of the album was even realeased so not sure what urr talkin bout apples, he just commin wit some different shit. Cant hate em for it. Not really diggin da song dough

  • qe

    im more disgusted by the rappers that buy these rip off beats than the producers who sell them. this is what stunts hip hop’s progression

  • Gravediggaz

    shitty beat, for a shitty verse from lil wayne ! How can you like this? I can right better lyrics than lil wayne “remember our first kiss? alright let’s kiss” woooow such an amazing rime !!! Fuck wayne

  • Why’s everyone hating on the track? It’s tough. Respect it

  • LMAO straight swagger jacked Drake’s flow, beat, etc.

    Joe ur a cornball. hang up the mic and start a fam with Kaylin before u mess that up too.

    *plays mood muzik 3*

    true story

  • Judge Dredd

    @apples I don’t know. I always thought Royce was more of the leader of the group.

  • SC

    SO Joe Budden decides to make a track that could possibly get some radio time and you wanna hate? Budden has constantly put out good music that hasn’t got any radio play. Why? Because its not radio friendly, even though he’s probably one of the best rappers out there in the game and one of the best lyricists ever but never gets any credit. The fact of the matter is after putting out one of the BEST mixtape series ever with the Mood Muzik series and you can’t forget Padded Room, Halfway House, and Escape Route. Not to mention, even his first album was good. So if Budden wants to put out a track like this, he can. He’s given us great music for almost a decade. Fact of the matter is, he doesn’t get credit like all the other rappers out there. WTF 2Chainz sells more than Budden and is praised more than him? Thats some bullshiit. Budden is HIP HOP. Let him get some mainstream shine. Artists like Budden deserve success…and I’m more than sure he’s gonna have tracks on A Loose Quarter that are lyrically insane and rhymes that you can quote for days. I don’t even give a fuck, I’m a Budden fan, and I’m gonna support anything he puts out!!!

  • realtalk™

    Fuckkkk first he teases uses talking about doing a mixtape with features from Blu, Elzhi, Jay Elec, etc, etc..

    Then he turns around and does a shitty sellout pop song with Weezy? And supposedly we can’t say anything about it because Wayne didn’t sound totally retarded and ‘2 Chainz gets praised more than Joe’?


  • nyc

    @nyc22, last time i checked, not every mood is sad….those old tapes were based on his MOOD, when he was depressed with life…NOW hes in a better place, has a album out and is doing better…why he cant make happy feel good songs? want him to be miserable like you huh

  • nyc22

    ^^ I didn’t like the Mood Muzik series because it was “sad”. It was original and creative. I liked it because it wasn’t produced by T-Minus and Lil Wayne was no where to be found. You can’t argue with me that this song SCREAMS ‘ sell out ‘. It’s blatantly obvious that Budden is just in it for the money now a days. You’ve seen the interview “Fuck the fans.”

  • (l,k)

    if a wayne/budden collaboration had come in 06-09 before wayne fell off this would be considered a good idea since both of them are good punchline rappers. budden isnt bad on this like people are saying but its pretty lame to use a mainstream beat that sounds exactly like a previous hit, especially when its drake, who owes a large part of his style to budden. the beats not bad, but its cookie cutter, so shame on him for that. but the idea of wayne with budden isnt selling out lmao especially if lil wayne comes correct

  • ricky

    budden wants to be drake so bad its embarrassing

  • Joesoldout

    lol, what a forced attempt by Joe.

  • matt

    It’s a single for his album. It features one of the hottest and most well known rappers in the game right now. Like it or not, the song is good for what it’s supposed to be. I’m not a big fan of songs like this, but I think it’s dope and it’ll serve its purpose just like Pump It Up did for his debut album. It’ll draw in new fans and they’ll hear his better music. Mission accomplished, right?

  • lol

    Nah, not mission accomplished. Joe’s fans want him to be miserable and not explore anything else besides what they like! No rapper can be happy!d

  • nyc

    @nyc22, actually I can argue this song screams sell out, 1) if this screams sell out what did pump it up scream? His first single ever? Was he a sellout then?…2)selling out doesn’t mean making music for money, 90 percent of rappers do, even the ones you belive aren’t, its only selling out if it goes against his art, he’s made plenty of songs about girls in the past so its still sticking to what he does, just branching out to widen his fanbase, that’s not selling out to me

  • nyc

    @nyc22, and budden should be sayin fuck the fans, cuz close minded people like you is why lyricist get shitted on soon as they make the transition from being jus a hip hop artist to being an artist in general…why can’t he make mood muzik songs on his album and make songs like this for people who want to hear this and who BUY albums? So that more people can hear the other stuff? But ya wanna complain wen ya favorite underground rapper is underrated and overlooked, but as soon as they get attention from a couple singles ya bitch about it lol
    if he made an album full of songs like this then that would mean he sold out but have you heard the album?

  • marty mcfly

    SH albums >>> anything Joe Boredom as ever done as a solo artist.

  • what

    what happened to twista’s verse?

  • GooN

    my man on the first post means it sounds like “I’m on one” not free spirit.

  • Frost

    straight trash, son…

  • Gerald Dub

    Wow, that nyc22 dude’s ignorance is on another level. All I’m ever seein’ in the c-section is ‘me,me, me’. Don’t you think rappers in the position of Joey needa make money? Pretty sure J. Cole had 3 radio songs on his album, also had around 12 of his normal tracks though. In no way is some one who makes ONE OR TWO RADIO SONGS BUT HAS 12-13 REAL RAP ON A ALBUM/MIXTAPE A SELL OUT.

  • Listen, really listen, to the song “Hiatus” off of Mood Muzik 3, and then talk to me. Granted the song did come out 5 years ago (Cut You Lose is a more recent example), the whole idea behind SH was to be THE lyrical “standout” group of hip-hop, regardless of status. That’s what earned them a fanbase in the first place. That’s what lead to them popping up on Em’s radar. Bad Meets Evil caught a little fame, SH ran with it, and said fuck the craft, let’s make an album that will appeal to anyone. That’s not why SH (and Budden) fans supported them from the start, and that’s why their first week sales were weaker than they could’ve been.

    Don’t tell me about me, me, me. I’m not the only one who feels this way about SH, and as far as supporting the artist goes, I’ve gone to see Budden almost every time he’s performed in the NYC area since 2006, with SH or without them.

    “Why try to fit in, when you’re a standout?” – JB

  • Jay Daniels

    If you been a fan Buddens whole career and know what he’s been through you wouldn’t be mad at this.

  • nyc

    @nyx22, and there not still a lyrical standout group? That new album sounds like the old one with more poppy production that’s it, they still spittn….”that’s not why slaughterhouse fans supported them from the start”?, yea an that’s why they shouldn’tcare about you close minded fucks lol ya only support the when they do one thing, an artsit does more than one thing..the whole idea of sh was to be a lyrically stand out group? Your putting them in a box they don’t wanna be in….how you gone tell them what they want to be??, they earned there fanbases spittin, and there still spittin while increasing there fanbase, that’s not selling out if there still doing what they been doin which is spittin..why they gotta make songs for you all the time? Can’t have 3 singles for other people?

  • nyc

    @nyc22, yea I know your not the only one that feels that way, you fit rite in with the other close minded hipsters who 1)only like to here one type of rap, 2)dickrides all the underground rappers and doesn’t like anything that a large amount of people like, 3)complains about how your favorite underground rapper is underrated, but soon as he gets attention you DO THIS and jump on the next underground guy that’s going to eventually do what sh did because they have SENSE, why only make music for people who don’t by albums, when you can make an album to apeal to you and mainstream fans that buy albums while still doing the same thing just with more musical variety

  • nyc

    @nyc22, plus didn’t joey have a song on here not too long ago that the c section loved?, why can’t he make those records AND these kind of records? That makes him an ARTIST,mad your not the only one listening to him anymore? Yea sounds like a hipster lol

  • (l,k)

    lol marty ethers himself again

  • marty mcfly

    NO, what I said was true. Joe still sucks and the reason why some hate SH is because they attempted to become bigger then just the lyrical miracle crew. You can be mad at that but at least they didnt make the same song for a whole album and still had bars doing it. Joe gonna make another album and 99% of its gonna sound like every depressing song he’s made for the last ten years and you fuckers will hear it and say its lyrical. SH>>>

  • nyc22

    LOL call me a hipster, call it jumping off of a bandwagon, whatever. The title of my taste in music is irrelevant. Truth is, I like music that I can relate to. Music that I understand. I don’t spend my time degrading women, poppin’ bottles of ciroc and selling cocaine. I’m sorry if I can’t ‘get down’ to “Bands-A-Make-Her-Dance” or “Pop That”. It’s just not my thing.

    Mood Muzik 2 and 3 were chock-full of lyrical bounds, real emotion, and an obvious angst towards mainstream “rappers”. At the time, Lil Wayne was atop that populous. Budden was rhyming about real life; Child support, overdue rent, financial pressures, surviving in an overly populated and competitive America etc. You know, real life situations. All of a sudden, he’s made it back to the B-List of what is now considered hip-hop and he’s rocking berets and non-prescription glasses. Who’s the hipseter again? I digress…

    The fact of the matter is, whatever money Budden has run into, has changed his style of writing, and his public persona. He’s way too arrogant for himself and has lost sight of what got him where he is.
    Again, I can NOT be the only one who sees this.

    Welcome to OUR house is NOTHING compared to their self-titled debut. There’s no arguing it. The lyrics are dumbed way down, and they used mainstream, cookie cutter producers. Trading in Alchemist and Focus for T-Minus and Hit Boy is a DOWNGRADE as far as I’m concerned. They might as well have had Lex Luger on there for christ’s sake.

    You said it yourself that they changed their style, but you’re alright with it. Well I am not. I think when an artist strays from their normal creative path, towards something that will appeal to the masses, it’s selling out. I don’t know what else you would call that.



  • marty mcfly

    The thing is people act like the whole SH album was all commercial pop music when its not. They had plenty of hardcore lyrical tracks for their so called fans. Im not saying the album was all that but I knew that people would find some kinda reason to not support it because thats what the so called fans of “real” hip hop always do. What “real” hip hop albums do they ever actually support? Exactly Less then about 4 hardcore lyrical albums a year actually do some respectable numbers. SH could have did a 100% hardcore lyrical miracle album and it probably would have sold less. Now as far as the hipster thing goes, I think that just has to do with fashion because in music there has never been a artist or group to actually claim to be hipsters. I dont even think the Cool Kids use the word hipster and that whole label is kinda based on them.

  • nyc22

    ^^ For instance, my favorite albums of 2011 were Common – Dreamer/Believer, The Roots – UnDun, Torae – For The Record and Phonte – Charity Starts At Home. Other than Torae, I don’t think those albums/artists are hipsterish by any means. I think all of those albums were musically sound, lyrically ingenious, and well produced. They all charted decently (other than Torae’s) and Common is most certainly NOT underground.

    Welcome To OUR House doesn’t hold a candle to any of those projects. It’s just not good rap music in my honest opinion. They tried to do something for more commercial success, when that’s not who they are. I think they saw the success of “Lighters” and tried to replicate that.

    I think they should’ve went with their strong suit, and stuck to gritty, lyrical RAP music.

  • marty mcfly

    The fans of lyrical hip hop probably aint support those albums either. I get way people wanna diss groups for not always catering to the underground but honestly in most cases making music for that demographic can be a waste of an artists time and effort when it comes time for the fans to actually support it.

  • NNiig

    budden is trash emo phaggot

  • marty mcfly

    Further more the SH album had all those same qualities as the albums you listed. The reason why SH wasn’t supported by hardcore fans is simple. Those fans never support any lyrical albums ever.


    sounds kinda generic . joe budden could do so much better

  • nyc

    @nyc22, Im not calling you a hipster because of that, im causing you a hipster because of your actions which is hyping up underground rapper who are terrible at making MUSIC and jus spit bars…and hating everything that’s MAINSTREAM, before you even hear it because its popular….you say you can’t get down with degrading women? Poppin bottles? Selling cocaine? Well guess what? Joe budden has rapped about all of that…but probably didn’t you bother you because he was an UNDERGROUND rapper soon as he goten a little more attention he’s arragont? He been arragont that’s why he always gets himself in trouble and the same reason why you fell in love wit his music is probably the same reason you shittin on him now That’s why I say your a hipster

  • nyc

    @nyc22, you say straying away from there normal creative pathis sellong out but they HAVEN’T done that, they have plenty songs on the album that are typical sh songs…just ADDED singles like throw it away which gives the album more diversity, and throw it away is a very good song to me…its up tempo catchy, and it serves its purpose..who said anything about stand out lyricism? Not every song has to be lyrical, that’s you be cose minded, hip hop ain’t about jus lyrics…and MUSIC definately ain’t about jus lyrics its also about FEELING, plus how could joe budden be against mainstream rappers wen he was one before the mood muzik series?

  • nyc

    @nyc22, the reason you like joey going at mainstream rappers is most likely cuz your a hipster, why can’t you jus listen to what you listen to and accept that other people like mainstream stuff? You wanna hear people bash it and pump your fist screaming yea fuck lil wayne? Lol that’s ignorant if you ask me, joe budden can’t rock berrets and glasses?? Your MAD at that? Lol for achieving something and feeling like he has a right to celebrate cuz he came a long way?..and I don’t know who gave you the idea I couldn’t argue that welcome to our house was nothin compaired to there first…I can’t argue that? Really? Sound pretty ignorant…it sounds the same besides more diversity and different say the lyrics are dumbed down..but that’s your OPINION, you hipsters seem like you believe your opinions are worth more then everybody elses, you said tminus and hit boy are a downgrade as far as YOUR concerned thats rite,YOU feel that way, now open your mind an accept other people feel differently

  • FTW

    i’d like to know how much Joey offered Drake to do the hook before he got stuck with Tank….

  • Joe’s my fav emcee becuz of the Real Shit he does BUT i like records like this and i think its kool he’s beck to doing them.I don’t always wana hear that deep shit everyday, so why not hear a more fun record from my fsav emcee….real music has all emotions,not jus depression and pain…j

  • BK

    they should of left Twista on here, they fucked up taking dude out