Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples f. Wale & Drake (Video)

blame it on Illy October 11, 2012

Directed by Director X.

Rozay takes us to Anguilla for his latest visual with Wale and Drake off God Forgives, I Don’t co-starring a few lovely dimepieces including SNS alumni Bernice Burgos.

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  • Kane

    I just want to say “F” Diddy, O and Wale’s flip flopin A**

  • jstrick

    this is a long a$$ Ciroc commercial

  • wale went off.

  • it was ok i guess

  • ShadyTalez

    This video is private?

  • bigbootylover

    William using drake and wale yet again i thought he was the biggest and best rapper out lol

  • Jonathan

    *pushes glasses up on nose* I believe the proper term is “alumna,” as she is singluar and feminine, whereas “alumni” is plural.

  • vivo

    video dont work

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Man Wale stay pissing me off. You got money nigga, yo last two albums both gold aint they?? Put out some fucking music for your fans, who been with you since you were actually fucking rapping. Cut the bullshit out my nigga

  • Jules

    Amazing though how Drake can stand on a cliff by the sea singing the word “fuck” without cringing. Salute!

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    @Jules lmfao

  • roy

    @780 & Heartbreak attention deficit did not go gold and Ambition has sold 450,000 as of august

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    yeah u got me on the facts there accoridng to wikipedia, tho ambition figures are damn close and attention deficit figures are old tho probably havent changed much, but still, this nigga got a lot of money

  • Streetdough

    Maaan, diced pineapples, you don’t even understand

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    2:15 shawty so fine, pussy so fresh_¿¿¿

    poooor girls…..

  • red

    @Atlantic Sea Child

    Agreed–I don’t think saying “pussy so fresh” is exactly a romantic compliment, but it is what it is.

    That pad was sweet and I’m glad the song wasn’t that overproduced trap shit, but still the song isn’t for me.

  • L.I. FRESH

    LMFAO! Pussy so fresh- Romantic compliment.

  • CarrFaith

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  • sAuCeY

    This Drake-ass faggot-ass shit I won’t bump to. GF,ID is shit and so is Black Bar Mitzvah.