TDE’s BET Music Matters Tour: Ab-Soul Ain’t Eatin’ (Video)

blame it on Illy October 11, 2012

The second vlog from TDE’s BET Music Matters Tour feautures the entire Black Hippy fam.

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  • pusha_

    what song is at the end of this…?

  • DayO


    but who witness the Q vs Blu tweef yesterday???

    #uaintEATIN #letmegetaversemyg

  • lilkandy

    The song is Jaye feat. Ab-Soul – Gods.

  • Chuck T

    These cock boys cancelled their show in Albuquerque.

  • wat

    TDE is a bunch of funny ass niggas. ESPECIALLY Q. And yeah I peeped that Q vs. Blu shit. I couldn’t tell if Blu was trolling or not. “Who the fuck is Glue?”

  • That song at the end go hard as a bitch foo


    Blu has a classic album .

    TDE 00000 classic albums .

  • haitian street pharmacist

    quit smokin rocks man^

  • nito

    what was the tweef about?

  • 93

    @TDE IS WACK It aint about who got the most classics its about who EATIN the most right now

  • wat

    The tweef was… Blu being stupid. Probably trolling. He asked Q if he dissed him in a song where it says some shit like stick to the script like mothafuckin glue. Blu asked if he said mothafuckin Blu. Q, jokingly, was like ok yeah I dissed you, what are you gonna do? And Blu is like I’ma c u nga etc. then later asks for a verse.

  • rick

    There wasn’t any tweef. These guys are friends like a long time, Blu was just trollin’. If you listen enough Blu you know that he’s far more intelligent than he was displayin’ in his tweets

  • nc0310

    Jay Rock don’t get no love lol