Gucci Mane – Truth (Young Jeezy Diss) (Video)

blame it on Illy October 12, 2012

La Flare fires back. Shouts to X. UPDATE: Now with visuals.

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  • sss

    dope, gucci coming for his neck.

  • 241012

    Come on Snowman, unleash Gibbs on these niggas.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    “Go dig ya partner up bet he can’t day shit” Damn that’s fucked up, and he going back to that Hard To Kill flow, Gucci gonna run over this washed up nigga.

  • wat

    Would be interesting to have Gibbs getting at Brick Squad.

  • who cares

    Well at least the shit wasn’t subliminal. If you keep up to date with interviews and shit then you know what’s going on. With that said, meh. That beat is crazy, but I always find it hard to listen to Gucci.

  • Yoo

    I need lyrics can’t understand some parts. he mentioned some personal stuff. it’s gonna get real soon. I feel like somebody will catch a body

  • marty mcfly

    Gucci the realest

  • John Creasy

    ‘…this the same shit that got Big an’ 2pac killed…’?!?! STOP IT! Bitch behave yourself!…

    Shame on a nigga! *Ol’ Dirty BZA voice*

  • This Shit even On TrapGod The Official Tracklist has Been out for A Week..

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    Gibbs don’t want it with Brick Squad, they got over 30 members and more than that in the streets, Jeezy’s only ally would be Slick Pulla, Scrilla, 211 and maybe Tone Trump, while 101t, BSM, & MMG are getting backed up by BMF

  • Aint ON

  • Amygdala

    Let’s go Gangsta Gibbs!!! Where tha fuck you at?! Come deal with these FOOLS…

    Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!

  • 241012

    50 Cent and Jeezy vs Ross and Gucci…. special guest referee: JA RULE

  • Oh Yeah By the Way ZaytiGGy(Zaytoven) & Gucci Back at it Once aGain..Man this Shit lit..

  • Boom

    to the dude who said FREDDIE GIBBS don’t want it w/ BrickSquad u sound silly.. Gibbs the craziest nigga in the industry.. he not w/ that beef on wax.. that’s one fool that will come see about you.. bricksquad aint ready for HIM

  • wat

    ^ WORD, Boom. The fact people refer to him as Gangsta Gibbs speaks for itself.

  • 206FRE$H

    wtf gucci really again wit this shit….

  • JAY


    Jeezy done!

  • marty mcfly

    @troll, I never gave a shit if niggas is real or not so I wouldn’t call anybody the realest. Being real aint really special imo cause thats just being normal and basically just being yourself which really aint hard to be. Only in hip hop is being “real” something special BUT if these niggas is really who they say they are so much in they raps then I guess one of them should be dead by tomorrow. If not then I guess it aint that serious.

  • 241012

    Lil Lody
    When this jeezy feat boosie drop tho lol stay tuned…. Boosie called from jail HA

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @Boom you talking about about one crazy nigga against a group of crazy niggas, Slim Dunkin is dead and these nigga ain’t holding back on beefing, have you seen the size of Flocka, Gucci, Wooh Da Kid, Dae Dae, or D-Bo? Brick Sqaud got niggas in Georgia, Cali, Chicago, New York, & Detroit, not to mention BMF territories, CTE ain’t ready for it, and the fact that they call him Gangsta Gibbs don’t mean shit.

  • @ Mack90’s.
    dont be fuckin stupid it was just only added after the interview Jeezy gave yesterday hence Gucci mentioning he hurd the interview.

    @ 241012.
    50 and Gucci fux with eath other (Gucci even mentioned it on his interview) you stupid unfunny motherfucker … dont come here making up non existing beefs talkin bout 50 and Jeezy vs Gucci and Ross … what the fuck are you talkin bout

  • 2dope4nope

    I mean GM iight but ima say CTE camp Jeezy Gibbs > GM aka that ice cream face says it all! And damn foreal Gibbs let’s go and just cause that nigga from GI don’t know much about that place but homie’s records wise and mix south central sprinkle some cold winter ish like the Chi bet em niggas live ain’t that far from Chitown too!

  • Pauly D

    Yall niggas do know that Gucci pretty much runs ATL streets right now right? He’d kill Jeezy, no lie

  • dumb

    this diss is pointless. jeezy already made gucci look stupid as fuck with “stay strapped” and “24 23”

  • 2dope4nope

    Hahahaha FOH at the end icy haha smh but it’s whatever I’m too grown ’89’ for these grown men as to be haha it’s entertaining tho dance monkeys smh our ppl the end was just too funny foreal!!

  • marty mcfly

    I would say Big Meech was the main one and the last real legendary status gangsta that was running the streets in ATL. All the other ones that actually have that kind of pull in the streets ya’ll wouldn’t know anyway cause they dont rap. Just saying

  • Foolishness

    Yo any fool ready to go to jail and give up all these millions and all this freedom just to keep his persona of a “real nigga” can gon head and donate their net worth to my ass. dumb ass grown ass men acting like they’re still in the streets.. and if they are they’re making fools of themselves. Aint no “real nigga” out there selling drugs and dropping bodies because its cool. They’re just doing what the have to to survive. Thats the problem with a lot of them young thugs today. They think the streets are where they are supposed to be forever… fuck yo street cred nigga, PAY ME! The “real niggas” are the ones out here trying to make something of themselves to get out of that life..

  • SNOW

    Jeezy has roasted this clown so many times before. Gucci been mad ever since that streets on lock line “What type of real nigga name himself after a bag
    Nigga you’s a hoe, a Loui Vuitton fag
    My name ain’t dick so keep it out ya mouth” HA!

  • FuckGucci!!!!!

    Man i hate this gucci mane bitch Fucking ice cream fag

  • CAPO

    how the hell can people listen to this bullshit

    i cant respect a grown man who has a ice cream on his face and has said more than once on camera and record that a rapper named young jeezy tried to kill him

  • 103

    lol, Jeezy would end Gucci Life no lie, Duncan Blocc and BMF with Gibbs affiliates, Jeezy isn’t to be fucked with. This shit fucking sucks Gucci is mad cause Jeezy didn’t do a track with him HA!

    (damn) Uh Oh! They say the club is off the chain
    I’m on my louie shit fuck some gucci mane
    These niggas still on my dick

    Snowman will never be washed up.

  • 103

    Gucci Mane ‏@gucci1017

    What up I would like to invite Young Jeezy & any other sucker to my TRAPGOD release party at DOA 10/17 We can address any unresolved issue.

    lol this clown is desperate for Jeezy to acknowledge him.

  • BauerTony

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  • that shit went hard…………

  • Why are you niggas talkin bout Gibbs like this shit even has anything to do with him? This shits clearly personal, at least for now anyways…Gucci and Jeezy are just a classic case of niggas who are always gonna hate each other. Until somebody actually takes shots at him I don’t think Gibbs is gonna get involved.

  • Sounds like a 12 year old made the beat on Fruity Loops. This shit is wack for a diss track.

  • sean shuwgh

    thiz ass is not worth a beef fuck em busty niigaz

  • this track tight af. Gucci goin off

  • Gucci got jeezy, hands down

  • royce

    ppl are stupid by th year…are US ppl gone death all of the sudden?? shit is pathetic and gay

  • Frylock

    hopefully jeezy & t.i. respond. alot people saying they shouldn’t but fuck that hip-hop thrives of competition. its been a while since we had a actual notable diss track.

  • Thinker

    ^ i agree. a lot ppl wouldnt expect that notable track to be from a rapper like Gucci but he went in on this, despite what anybody says. Jeezy aint bigger then this. he gotta answer back

  • Jeezy wasnt poppin back then when he came with that 23/24 shit. i remember gucc shit was about to drop and he was crazy poppin. Young’s tracks are on the radio on rotation he better not feel he’s too big to respond.

    Gucci got a gem with this

  • 103

    gucci fucking sucks and if you think this shit is good go fuck yourself.

    Jeezy ended him with Stay Strapped and 23/24, Gucci got fucked up by Jeezy in the ATL couple years ago with Duncan Blocc, He ain’t want it.

  • This Shit Is Lame & So Is The Corny Immature Beef. This Shit Is So Bad & If You Follow This Homo & This Fake Ass Life This Dude Says He Lives Than You Are A Fool.. Plain & Simple. This Nigga Gotta Gut Like Santa. He Ain’t Bout That Life. Fake Ass Thug.

  • blingblawburrger


  • hassan

    I honestly don’t believe the comments on here. Gucci sounds like a brain dead lil b, I barely understand the words he’s saying. He sucks and jeezy would serve him on a platter

  • justsaying

    if you said unnamed person tried to kill you, why sign your death waiver wit more foolery??? thing nigga tried to get you KILLED son!!!

  • Rio$

    This is the real gangsta shit right? Oh wait they’d get their heads chopped off by cartels….or get beheaded by the taliban….sorry but “american gangsters” ain’t shit we pretend them to be…Just keep it on wax & stop having little bitch fights (jumping other guys while in big groups) or putting on ski masks & doing drive by’s then driving fucking boring….


    “I know y’all see ova there with that black 4-fifth.” – Gucci straight clownin niggas Jeezy and T.I. , How is jeezy not going to approach Gucci at that party but he got the balls to walk on Ross at the BET awards. Jeezy is a bitch and he is scared of Gucci because Gucci killed his partna and now Gucci is comin for his head.