Joe Budden Reveals A Loose Quarter Release Date

blame it on Shake October 12, 2012

After revealing the cover art a few weeks ago, Joey took to his Twitter to announce that he’ll be dropping A Loose Quarter on Black Friday. And for those too lazy to get your Google on, the date is November 23. UPDATE: Back to the top with what appears to be the final artwork; which was posted on Joe’s Instagram.

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  • dan99

    can’t w8t !

  • who cares

    If “Put It Down” is a reflection of what this tape is going to sound like then I don’t want to hear it. That shit was garbage.

  • dev

    what the fuck is “In Mood God We Trust”
    anyways cant wait for this to drop. i feel likes hes gonna be talking a whole lot of shit. i also have a feeling he is a bit fickle towards the other Slaughterhouse members………

  • slutbag

    in mood god we trust lol

  • Real Talk

    In Mood God? WTF

  • Huh?

    @who cares

    You’ve been proclaiming your dislike for Joe Budden since 2009 on pretty much every post I can remember. lol.

    You know you’re never gonna like dude no matter what he does, so why bother wasting your time spamming this?

    Unless you like trolling, in which case, you’re terrible at.
    Not funny in the least, his fans clown him harder than you.

  • who cares

    @Huh? – Is that some kind of joke? I’ve been a fan of Budden for years. Get your facts straight before you talk shit. I think you’re confused about who is the troll in this situation.

    OT: I didn’t see that “In Mood God We Trust” until I read these comments, now I can’t un-see it.

  • bladaoh

    is this an album or a mixtape?

  • @ bladooh

    It’s a mixtape.