Joe Budden’s Top 5 NBA Teams of 2012-13 (Video)

blame it on Shake October 12, 2012

When he’s not all hugged up with Kaylin Garcia, Joey is an avid sports fan. Sitting down with DJ Enuff, he lists off who he thinks are the Top 5 teams in the league and expresses his distaste for David Stern.

Oh, and incase you didn’t know… Lakeshow!

  • Nard

    STFU Shake. I bet you’re one of those “laker fans” that thinks kobe is still the best player in the league.

  • ^^ dont cry buddy. and im not, but he does play for the best TEAM. which is all that matters.

  • Lakers

    Shake said it Right, STFU @Nard! LAKESHOW!!!

  • Based

    Joe that nigga but the knicks? FOH


  • koke

    Heat are the best team in the league. Lakers might not even be the best team in the West. Ever heard of a team called OKC?

  • paidinfull

    I stand by 1000% with his comments and list (being a Knicks fan myself I woulda went #3 & being a true NBA fan I woulda went Spurs #5 too)

    If Kobe really decides to hang ’em up in 2 years, David Stern needs to be right on his fuckin coat tails

  • Kanye East

    Knicks, yeah right. GTFO

  • Shawn


  • reality1989

    If Avery Johnson can get them boys in BK to play solid team defense, Brooklyn can be a solid dark horse!

  • chris

    Da Bulls?

  • “Da Bulls?”

    no rose. no chance.

  • heatVthunder

    its guna be heat in the east OKC in da west wel be replayin 11/12 finals but who knows the outcome. KD and LBJ will always turn up but its the rest of both teams which will confirm the outcome