T.I. – Ball f. Lil Wayne

blame it on Illy October 12, 2012

T.I. lets go of his new single with Lil Wayne (take a listen after the jump) off his upcoming Trouble Man album which we’ll see a music video for premiering October 22. Trouble Man is slated to arrive in stores December 18.

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  • Lorin Williams

    Club ready.



  • Complacent

    shits garbo ti lost it i thought he was reuturning to trap muzik

  • KING

    So many rappers try too hard to be mainstream. Tip’s still got a lot left in the tank, I just don’t know why he’s wasting good shit for this bullshit.

  • Boom

    this shit is fire & im tip’s biggest critic.. niggas just never satisfied..

  • @JoseRio29

    this is vintage T.I. check “Hands Up” or “At The Bar” of that nigga’s first album… tip always made club music. a nigga from atlanta can’t help that… dope shit thi

  • Boom

    @joeserio29 ^^^^^ exactly.. ppl just gettin outrageous w/ the criticisms now if they can’t vibe too this.. this is a SINGLE.. u put out what’s gonna help u sell RECORDS & leave the trap shit inside for us to hear later

  • stoppp ittt


    THIS IS THE SAME SAMPLE USED FOR “”” LIKE A PIMP “””” by david banner/lil flip.

  • HartBeat Productions

    Who produced this? Shit bangs

  • CLubPacked


  • Uhoh Oreo

    Is it a bad song? no..was it worth the awfully long wait nd did it live up to they hype? FUCK NO

  • marty mcfly

    Verse of the year goes to Wayne. That shit was crazy.

  • ToMartyMcfly

    Reallyy?? ^^ most similes Wayne says are corny af. dick rider

  • Pauly D

    Pretty dope. Don’t think it’s gonna do anything on the Charts though

  • dsd

    damn he done fell off smh looks like paper trail will be the last tip piece i buy

  • MyFiddyCents


  • Ryan

    wayne said ________ like a ________ at least 19 or 11 times in that verse… smh

  • mz

    I’m a good lookin rapper I ain’t tryna stunt.
    Man I miss mixtape weezy.

  • T.I. killed it


    @Pauly D, This might put a little dent on the charts, mainly because its TI and lil wayne on a fun party record, nothing special, nothing classic sounding, just a RIGHT NOW kinda of record, kinda like “Pop That’ from French montana. only this is not aa good. but it will definitely be a club favorite plus more buzz for TI

  • mauriciop

    fuck yea the track is here.

  • VJ

    Lil Wayne has become closer to the worst rapper in the world than the best.. Ain’t really feelin this, oh well. WGAF.