• daSilva


  • Chad

    Nice, but all I could think was: not this beat again!!!

    Seriously, how many times 9th wants to use it?

    First: M1 Platoon - How U Gon Front
    Then: Actual Proof - Poison Ivy Gloss
    And now again?

    WTF is going on??? I can't be the only that noticed this!

  • Pedro

    Is he T.D.E. too ?

  • you


    Punch is the president of TDE. He originally signed all the Black Hippy dudes.

  • slayingtheilluminati

    chemtrails are real indeed!!!!!

  • Chris

    Even tho 9th used this on the Act Proof album its all good still dope. Terrace and 9th always kills it. Prob the intro or a teaser anyway.