Prie – The Weeknd f. Jim Hurdle & Jeremy Erickson (prod. by Jim Hurdle) [Full]

blame it on JES7 October 13, 2012

Prizzy unveils the final, full version of The Weeknd set to appear as a bonus cut on 1991: “Life of The Good & Bad” out next year. For now, make sure to grab his latest project, Sweet Dreams & Nightmares.

DOWNLOAD: Prie – The Weeknd f. Jim Hurdle & Jeremy Erickson (prod. by Jim Hurdle) [Full]

  • jerm

    thank you 2dopeBoyz!!



  • Codeine

    Jim dirtied the SHIT out this beat. Dope! #preciateThatSlowedEnd #salute

  • trstns89

    for so long ive tried not to hate on new rappers and shit but sorry this shit is garbage. i had enough. how the fuck you gonna just take a nigga beat and act like its your song. i dont give a fuck if you called it “the weeknd” to give props. fuck that shit. im sick of these sub par average rappers tryna come up on taking a good song from an artist like the weeknd and putting their ass raps on it. thats what wrong with rap we aint evolving. by now we should have artists that rap and produce their own records at high level skill. and rappers should be performing not walkin around on stage and fucking shouting incomplete lines of their songs. wheres the fuckin artistry and real talent anymore. fuck this. i know what you saying, then why don’t you do it. well fuck, then i am. yall gonna see me soon, i promise.

  • Pops

    ^^^upset he’s not getting his emails responded to by Shake & Meka

    This is the first time I’ve heard anything from Prie and I must say I’m highly impressed. He sounds original without trying too hard. Looking forward to hearing more from the kid.

  • msvssr

    why credit a producer that just looped the instrumental of a song?

  • creed chameleon

    HELL YEAH! Im so glad that Jerm and Jim got on here! Fucking dope!

  • Nani Cas

    mmmmmmmmmm this is tight ish, the beat and first verse already had me wet, second verse & 3rd i was hittin the clmx. good ish homies, represent hawaii well wit it!!