Saturday Night Sexy: Sophia Marie

blame it on Illy October 13, 2012

Twitter: @iamsophiamarie

Earlier this week, Rick Ross dropped off his “Diced Pineapples” video which he shot on location at the beautiful Viceroy Hotel in Aguilla co-starring one of Saturday Night Sexy‘s finest Bernice Burgos along with the beautiful, Sophia Marie. The Puerto Rican model, who we saw getting a bit physical with Drake in the clip, also appeared in Drake’s booby-laced video for “Best I Ever Had.” More Sophia after the jump.

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  • 1hunnit


  • mic_tyson

    ide lett her ryde da pole

  • brite

    weave + airbrushed to death
    this bitch is a 4/10
    and will we ever get some bitch that doesn’t speak spanish ever posted on these

  • Frank Ocean

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWW women! Come on guys lets talk bad about her like we usually do!

    Dicks >>>> Chicks

  • Exhibit C

    I really wanna know if this @brite faggot has just been trolling for the past 3 years on this site or if he’s actually that much of a faggot.

  • Soopaman Luva

    Nice! One of the best ones yet.

  • KING

    I aint no weatherman, but I can expect a few inches in her town on Tuesday.

  • JR

    PHOTOSHOPPED OUT THE ASS. shit is unnecessary

  • gt

    she fine as fuck and all but theres something about her face im not thinking is all that sexy

  • @gt for me it’s the fact that her face makes her almost look like jailbait and her chin is pretty ehhh..but id still wreck dat shit nom saiyan

  • T-Dubb

    pretty girl, pretty smile.

  • Young Sweet Jones

    Dudes that dig ratchet hoes or prefer penis shouldn’t comment on these posts.

    FTR, I’d hit it.

  • God

    you should do porn girls next lol. these pics are great and all and i gotta feeling ppl are lookin at these pics while in the bathroom lol

  • ItalSkinTones

    bombaclat airblush rattid!

  • that Dude

    A good receptionist, not impressed.

  • nelo

    She looks like a 10-year old. I don’t even see a women in her, let alone sexy!

  • poetic assasin

    cats be goin in on this site lmao – she’s pretty, looks a lil like christina milian

  • adi pre

    Looks 5 and too skinny.

  • Marty Mcfly

    This bitch looks like shake in a the airbrushing is ridiculous I wouldn’t even have guessed she was Puerto Rican if yaw not wrote it so much airbrush chick look like a liteskin black she got no ass and if this bitch rocking with drake you know she use to be a man.but yeah this bitch ugggllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssss fuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkbbroooooooooooo!!!

  • SidRicky

    man bitch look like a fuckin cheese face in her home country

  • sfuse

    She looks a bit like Rihanna (and ya’ll love that flat chested,flat assed and non singing punching bag)Go figure. In spite of that I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed

  • DatNewNew

    Looks like Frank Ocean in a wig

  • KillaCam

    Looks like someone slapped titties on a 14 year old

  • People in the comments, Yall show me a professional model who isn’t airbrushed and maybe ill care out the c-section for once.

  • YO!!!!!!!! Hold up 2Dopeboyz…this bitch is way to regular. I can see a bitch like this any given day in my hood. I am not trying to see a normal shit on here when I check the SNS. Granted,I don’t want to see some Ms. Potato Head bitch that’s 100% fake and put together but let’s get back to the Phat asses and nice breasts with sexy legs and thighs. This bitch is a walk down the block, I need the Joe Budden wifey type…PAUSE. Politics as usual 2Dopeboyz.

  • One more thing…when can we get some ATL strip club shit in here? Briana Bette, Irene the Dream, Jernie aka Mz Re-Thickulous, Amoure Deon, etc…I know they are the Stripper type but hell if you wanna dig deep in the barrel at least pull out something dark and thick…lol.

  • Akiyahb

    She’s in the wrong lifestyle.. Her face looks mad innocent.