2Dope To Sleep On: Grande Marshall

While I was down in Atlanta this weekend for A3C (blink and you missed me) I was introduced to Philly-reared artist Grande Marshall via this song, "Robert Earl." He recently dropped a solo project, 800, a few weeks ago and I think it's definitely something the dopeheads will enjoy. You can check it out down bottom.

"Robert Earl"

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  • Coolcat

    2DBZ has been really late on dope shit lately..

  • That's what's up... I'm definitely gonna check the tape, but I dislike that DL individual track stuff... *le sigh* oh well... nuff whining about (good) free music, lol

  • pussynig

    nigga we been on grande ya pussy

  • HeartAnemic

    Been listening to 800 non-stop in my car for a few weeks, kids got skill.

  • N

    2DBZ finally gave the homie Grande shine! Been talking to the dude since he was first doing freestyles on a forum site. Always had rhymes, changed his style up for the better and now he's nice! Don't sleep y'all!

  • CMU

    Hella late on this dude

  • Dang, this is wicked good stuff!

  • Dat Dude Chris

    This site has been late on stuff for awhile now. But at least this reminded me to download this dudes mixtape. Had heard of him a couple of months ago on fvckswags youtube account. But I wish this site posted stuff from Raider Klan tho smh

  • D

    Who gives a shit if they are late this is my first time hearing about dude.

  • jah

    fuck this nigga

  • GoonMask

    Grande is nice with it! he's the future for sure. i think he only 18, 19,and straight killing it!

  • If you like Grande, I advise you all to tune in to Fresh Out The Box radio for their live on-air CMJ showcase with Boldy James and a buncha other folks this Thursday, 730-930pm EST (www.bboxradio.com)


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