Flatbush Zombies – The Hangover

blame it on Illy October 15, 2012

Flatbush Zombies drop off their Erick Arc Elliott-produced single, “The Hangover.”

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  • ASAP

    these dudes are trash! cmon be serious,no word play , no flow, no substance .

  • Tekwon

    I guess substance is gun talk and bitches?

  • Trash

    These guys are fucking trash. I saw them perform live one time when they opened for Slaughterhouse. Everyone booed them off of the stage.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Tekwon: “I guess substance is gun talk and bitches?”

    Umm did you listen to the song?

  • z∞mbie

    word mike ^

    ya’ll third eye blind.

    Flatbush Zombies kill shit, this track is actually gunna be on Erick Arc Elliots mixtape and is mainly his track with him rapping, lol.

    They murdered their show here in TO few weeks back opening for Smoke DZA and everybody at the show was there for ZOMBIES bruh. Shit got reeeal hectic in the crowd.

    There really isn’t any song liver than Bath Salt.

    The way that shit build up.

    And that’s a fucking ZOMBIE track bruh.


    ^^^ shut the fuck up! its defiantly the underachievers who wrote this bullshit. Zombies aint nice they will never be. juice is terrible and he trys to sound like danny brown. darko fake ass odb aint shit neither ask him why he ass and he will respond ” i lost my phone full of rhymes” fucking terrible . well they said it beat ” Hiphop dead dats cuz we here”

  • dgong

    ^^^^juice doesnt sound shit like danny and darko just like any other nigga out of new york tryna sound grimy, these niggas just doin they thing. let em

  • Ya mutha

    idk whos who but one of them is doing a terrible impression of one of kendricks flows… pathetic

  • Keebo

    Lots of haters spewing their negativity to no avail.. To me, the zombies are, ironically, live as fuck. They should keep doing what they do.

  • spencer

    fuck a hater

  • Keebo

    And maybe it’s a “terrible impersonation of one of kendricks flows” because he’s not trying to impersonate Kendrick.. just maybe..