• KING

    YES!!!! Finally Sadistik getting some love here on 2DBZ.

  • xStereo

    rEYEp. Sadistik is killing it.

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    Wow. Crazy video. Eyedea is greatly missed

  • ukisz

    enormous progres since The Balancing Act (which is still my favourite S' album) but I hope you will overleap that level. And tell me who made a beat for Micheal and rest of incoming album.

  • AmyBug

    really powerful video- i really liked the sunset at the bench, and "the end"- thanks for sharing <3

  • KingFridayCEC

    Love Sadistik! When Eyedea passed away, it was the first time I truly was in mourning over a musician. I've experience other musicians I've loved pass away before, but I think the way Eyedea rapped made me feel like I knew him. R.EYE.P. Michael Larsen, a true genius.

  • Matt

    Sadistik pours his heart and soul into every single song. What a wonderful tribute.

  • http://deoxy.org/dd Ɖeeds

    Thanks Cody. Much Respect.

    Restin Like A Boss
    An Angel All Across
    Miss You Mikey!