• iShitonHoes

    Alright, time to shit on this cunt. Okay, seriously? She couldn't have came up with a better album title? Does she not know who the Clipse is? And that they had the same exact album title 3 years ago for their album? This is sickening. The thought of a no-name bluegrass 'songstress' using the name of an album by one of the best duos in Hip Hop is a disgrace. It makes me wanna pour 25% rubbing alcohol in my bossom while a tranny flicks my penis.

  • THale

    @iShitonHoes calm down my man, nothing to get so damn upset about lol... She's a good singer, let her do whatever she wants. When the Clipse come and bitch about it then it's a problem.

  • Nine Nights Ago I Did Incredible Fucking Shit

    @iShitonHoes Can you say some more I think you only sucked Pusha off that time No Malice needs a blowy too.

  • abdel

    LOL ishitonhoes wins this one

  • QZA

    album sounds dope so far... dude up top is trippin.. you do realize it was a figure of speech before clipse used it right? a figure of speech probably itself 100+ years older than you dog.

    btw no shots @ clipse that album is a classic in my eyes.

  • SMH

    @iShitonHoes: Til My Casket Drops by C-Bo (Feb 24, 1998) so that's 14 years ago and using your dumbshit logic, Clipse bit C-Bo's album title?

    STFU you dumb shit. You are a mainstream dweeb and a diluted fuck twat. Just don't make comments, they do anyone any good.

  • tshort

    iShitonHoes is gettin shitted on like a hoe.

    like what i hear from this chick. she has a cool ass style.