Big Sean x GQ Magazine

blame it on Meka October 17, 2012

GQ named Sean as “rap’s hottest rookie,” which would make sense to me if this was 2011. Alas, the G.O.O.D. Music representative did a winter shoot with Gentlemen’s Quarterly’s November issue, which will drop on October 23rd. You can check here for the entire shebang, and head down bottom for one more shot.

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  • TannerKay

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  • solking10

    I’m a big sean fan but he looks like a bitch right here

  • freshyboi

    he always looks like a bitch tho

  • T9FTW

    This is the most faggot-est shit ever. Period.

  • $$$

    He’s a cartoon.

  • What? Yall want him to look like a thug or something? Sean’s been a model for years now. Get with it already.

  • Nigga look like a gay Joker. Don’t go down this path, Sean, it could be insta-ether. Even Drake’s GQ cover didn’t look this fruity pebbles, goddamn.

  • Yoooo

    Ok, yes, he looks a little too happy in some of his pictures, but YOU CAN NOT hate on this style. It’s pretty fresh, you cant deny.

  • cap

    hes gay and def not a rookie

  • solking10

    It’s not about him looking like a thug just don’t look like a bitch. This ain’t fresh its pretty wack.

  • DK

    When they say hottest rookie I think they mean “most stylish relatively new rapper we could feature” but even then I’d probably feature A$AP Rocky.

  • 2 Cents


  • ProGQ

    Fashion consists of more than hoodies, timbs, & Avirex people… Hot DAMN!

  • @ProGQ Seriously dude. Like on some real shit, is hip-hop still stuck on that shit? Timbs, AF1s, baggy as jeans, new eras, etc.? Dude is stuntin’ hard here in outfits where one piece is worth more than the majority of your closet put together. He’s killin’ it.