• 2ndera

    Happy for them. Really dope album, one of the best of the year imo

  • Blackmamba

    These guys deff deserve all the success. Depending on what gkmc sounds like The heist just might be the best hip-hop album of the year.

  • JXN

    Incredible album. Real proud of them. Can't wait to see them live in the ATL! #Sharkfacegang

  • James Dean

    Wooow ever since I still remember that day when I saw the cool artwork for the Versus EP on here and decided to download it...They've come along way congrats

  • music_ enthusiast415

    purchased my copy….best cd ive bought in years, and im not just talking about the music. If you got the deluxe edition you know what im talking about. The Heist is a work of art, definite classic in my opinion!

  • daveg

    The album was amazing. I was hoping for a track like "The End" from the VS album. Such great music.
    They deserve all the success. True independent. Fuck the system

  • $$$

    It was okay. A few amazing tracks, a few not so amazing tracks.

  • ianism

    they deserve it, but the album is pretty average honestly. but at least it's good to see someone who makes it to stardom making intelligent music for once

  • yup

    This is gonna freak labels the fuck out seriously lol and I love it congrats yo

  • http://N/A XI

    ^what he said LOL

  • http://www.andypopmusic.com Andy Pop

    Well deserved

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Great job on the success; didn't like the album at all though. I understand why they got a lot of sales with the audience they're targeting.

  • Can We Go Thrift Shopping

    So happy to support these dudes. I definitely dig the album, can't wait for what they do next. BTW Ryan Lewis is so underated, his production on this album really impressed me.

  • wavesurfer

    dude sold more than any of curren$y's efforts. nice. spitta on that struggle b owwwwww fuck with that wave

  • KanyeEast

    That track criticizing Interscope's efforts to sign him should make this even sweeter.

  • Rich

    Macklemore is the truth find more at sealthcityDOTblogspotDOTcom real hip hop shit
    #seattle natives

  • 2dope

    shark face gang? what a queer... why does every rapper have to have a "gang" or "team" or movement shit fucking corny already.

  • 1dopeboy

    ^ thats what you took away from that? some pople will just find any reason to hate